Published On : Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014

Pretending as cops, thieves trick people to loot cash, valuables at Gittikhadan, Panchpaoli

Nagpur News.

Two separate incidents but common nature of crime. The miscreants intercepted the commuters on their way, introduced themselves as policemen and fled away with the cash and valuables from the possession of the gullible people. The incidents have been reported in Gittikhadan and Panchpaoli areas. The two incidents which took place within 45 minutes have kept the cops on toes to corner the culprits. Cops have launched search teams in the area and also sounded alert..

In the first instance, a married couple was returning home from the temple on Tuesday at around 4.15 pm. The complainant Malati Narendra Singh (65), a resident of Shila Nagar, near Hanuman Mandir was riding pillion with her husband. Three unidentified people stopped them near Paul’s building, Qutub Shah Nagar, near Katol road turning point and identified themselves as police. Pretending to be the cops, they warned the woman of increasing chain-snatching cases in the city and advised her take out her gold chain and tie it down in a knot at the corner of her saree. The woman relented to the advice and took out her chain worth Rs 30,000 and gave it to the cop to tie it down at her saree’s corner. The thieves on the pretext of helping the woman faked the act, making the couple believe the valuable has been tied to her saree.   The couple left the scene. After moving to some distance, Malati checked her saree corner only to discover that no chain was tied to it.

The couple immediately rushed to Gittikhadan police station and lodged a complaint against the thieves. Cops have registered an offence under sections 420, 170 and 34 of the IPC.

In similar other incident under Panchpaoli police station a Yogi Arvind Nagar resident Ravindra Shivlal Sangole, 63 was walking back home when four unidentified men stopped him in front of Smart Play school at Chambar nullah Square. The men who introduced themselves as cops, informed Ravindra that checking was under way and asked him to take out his possessions and cooperate. He took out his gold chain, gold rings, some cash and mobile in a handkerchief and handed it over to the ‘fake cops’. They checked the valuables and gave back the handkerchief to Ravindra and asked him to leave. Ravindra checked the handkerchief which was tied in a knot with his valuables still inside it. He was shocked to see that only some cash and his mobile phone were in the handkerchief while other valuables were missing.

He immediately informed Panchpaoli police about the theft. An offence under Sections 419, 420 and 34 of the IPC has been registered against the unidentified person.