Published On : Wed, Apr 9th, 2014

‘Prawah’ appeals people to “Get Up & Vote” for right leader; wants majority for deserving one

1505199_753421304682826_915288965_nNagpur News.

On the eve of voting day in Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency, appeals came flooding from various quarters, prompting the people to come out of their houses and ensure every vote of their family is polled. Various social organizations and activists aired their request through whatever means they could. In line up to the series of appeals, a youth social organization ‘Prawah’ has made waves among the young voters through its innovative campaign aimed at drawing maximum people at the polling booth.

Working on the theme line “Get Up & Vote”, the members of Prawah waded through the crowded streets, jumbled through colleges, came out with placards and hoardings to laud their appeal towards achieving better majority.

Comments Ketki Arbat, Founder and President of Prawah, “The basic idea is to get maximum votes polled in order to drive deserving candidate to clear majority. We want urban youth to come out and vote because more the votes, the clearer would be the political picture. When the polling percent settles at minimum level, chances are that the chosen one may not be the deserving one. Through making an appeal to vote in full numbers, we could clearly bring our choice of candidate forward with thumping majority. This will also discourage all the political parties who go on fielding weak candidates under the notion that low voters’ turnout would eventually lead their win.”

She told Nagpur Today that initially ‘Prawah’ started the campaign to reach out to 1000 voters in various areas of the city. “We have reached to various colleges and got the photographs of the young voters with ink mark on their fingers clicked. We expanded our reach through maximizing use of social media, WhatsApp, public contact drive and hoardings. We also issued Form 6 to those who did not have voter cards.”

Appealing to all section of voters to get up and vote, Ketki said it’s high time everyone should vote. “We often complain about the weak system and inactive public representative but that is meant for the people who vote. So stop pulling up politics, instead join it. If not, at least take the first step towards it. So everyone should vote promptly and responsibly to elect the right leader,” she told Nagpur Today.

Prawah has been actively participating in various awareness campaigns through innovative ways, the latest being the one in which placards were placed on the damaged road dividers. The placards read – “Repair Me.”