Published On : Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015

Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav on the way out in AAP?


Close on the disclosure of the letter that the Bhushan – Yadav duo wrote questioning some poll strategies of AAP another ‘disclosure’ may be tumbling out of the AAP closet soon. This time it could be the recording of Advocate Bhushan speaking to talking to some
undisclosed person saying ” he wishes AAP is reduced to 20 something seats” in the recently held Delhi elections.
“This will teach them a lesson” he is alleged to have said. According to NDTV channel, ‘someone very close to Kejriwal’ has said that this tape is with Kejriwal right now and he could share it with the media soon.

Another clandestinely done recording which has already come in public domain is that of Bibhav Kumar, now personal aide to Kejriwal speaking with Hindu – now she is with Indian Express – journalist called Chander Dogra over her article which was critical of the party’s strategy in Punjab and Haryana, specially the AAP’s decision not to fight Assembly elections.
Bibhav called her and said her article was factually wrong. To which she replied that she had obtained the information from Yogendra Yadav when he invited her, and 3 other journalists for an informal breakfast at an AAP functionary’s house in Chandigarh. This telephone conversation was taped without Dogra’s knowledge or permission, and is not being cited against Yadav.

Commenting on this Yadav said this is “double jeopardy”. First Dogra shouldn’t have revealed her source – he also alleges that the information she divulged is wrong – and secondly the telephonic conversation should not have been taped secretly like that. He also dismissed news of his ‘differences with Kejriwal’ and said after the grand victory of AAP in Delhi it was time to work and not mull over petty matters.

In the executive meeting of the AAP that is scheduled for 4th March in Delhi, this could result in the ouster of Bhushan and Yadav both from the party say some AAP observors.
(Whether Yadav will also be shown the door is doubtful since he has been a close aide of Kejriwal and has been a voice of AAP for long).