Published On : Thu, Nov 14th, 2013

Prakasaha Shaikshanik and Bahuddaishya Sanstha celebrate Children’s Day


Nagpur News: Prakasaha Shaishanik and Bahuddaishya Sanstha, an NGO working for poor slum children run by Secretary of Prakasaha Shaishanik and Bahuddaishya Sanstha Asha Powar, celebrated Children’s Day at Manavsevagar Seminar Hills on November 14, 2013.

Secretary of Prakasaha Shaishanik and Bahuddaishya Sanstha Asha Powar is running this NGO since last 15 years and have a work experience in Grahastha Dharma. This organization is run in her Daughter Dr. Sujata Shinde’s Apartment. Asha Powar spends her pension amount of Rs 3 lakhs entirely for the benefit of the NGO. President of the organization, and the son of Asha Powar, Dr. Nikunj Powar was present on the occasion. Students of the NGO learn history about freedom fighters and principles of being a good citizen. The main motto of this ‘NGO is to make the poor slum children “a good human”.


The occasion was commenced with the welcome songs and NGO named Parindey was present on the occasion and even had a great interactive session with the children. Meditation was done in which they chanted OM in five different ways. These students were also provided with identity cards by the Prakasaha Shaishanik and Bahuddaishya Sanstha . Also, special prizes were given to some of the bright students of the NGO such as Prerna for bringing laurels in National-level model making competition and an Adivasi student Amitab Kol was given the Best Student award for his good and well mannered behavior.


The committee members of the NGO Parindey Youth Foundation distributed chocolates, Biscuits, books and sketch pens amongst the students. It was followed by the sports competition comprising 10 different types of races, which including the most hilarious and their special race the ‘Jalebi Eating Race’. The children seemed to be confident and had a great self esteem. The Prakasaha Shaishanik and Bahuddaishya Sanstha have been providing the students with sweaters and other required medical facilities every year and even serve them with a cup of milk and value education every evening.

Asha Powar and a partner in the NGO Anushka Karira urged all the Nagpur citizens to join this NGO as it would result in expanding the NGO and helping develop more rural areas and making the slum children future bright , so that they don’t have to go after the wrong ways and means to earn livelihood.