Published On : Thu, May 31st, 2018

Power Tripping’s at Gorewada & Kanhan WTP’s to affect water supply on Friday

Nagpur: Frequent power trappings at water treatment plants (WTP) (WTP) and its pumping house has severely affected the city water supply.

On May 31, 2018 at Pench-I WTP pumping stopped from 10:10 AM to 11:20 AM i.e almost for an hour due to electrical fault at WTP. Again, from 4:25PM to writing of the report now Power Supply from SPANCO to all Gorewada WTPs (Pench-I, Pench-II & Pench-III) failed and treated water pumping stopped.

Further following a major breakdown (big tree got uprooted in heavy storm and damaged the electrical pole structure of MSEDCL sub station) Kanhan WTP Pumping stopped since 4:45PM to till writing of reports
Above power trippings has impacted water supply severely to all parts of Nagpur City specially to Satranjipura Zone, Gandhibag Zone, Laxminagar Zone, Lakadganj Zone, Nehrunagar Zone and Ashinagar Zone on Thursday (May 31) and will affect water supply on June 1 also.

Power tripping at Kanhan WTP had majorly affected East, North and parts of South Nagpur areas during and after tripping hours, while trippings at Navegaon-Khairi pumping house and Gorewada WTP’s (Pench I, II, III & Old Gorewada) affected water supply of West, Central, South- West and part of South Nagpur localities.

Citizens of Nagpur especially from areas of

Kanhan WTP: Nehru Nagar zone, Lakadganj zone, Partial Satranjipura zone, Partial Aashi Nagar Zone based on Kanhan WTP.

Pench I, II, III: Laxmi Nagar New ESR, Gayatri Nagar ESR, Pratap Nagar ESR, Trimurti Nagar ESR, Jaitala ESR, Takliseem ESR, Ramnagar ESR, Chinchbhavan ESR, Buldi Fort 1 & 2 GSR , Boriyapura ESR, Killa Mahal ESR, Riffle, Futala ESR’s

Pench IV: GH-Kanhan ESR, Nari ESR, Jaripatka ESR , Indora ESR, Civil Lines DT, Indora DT, Omkar Nagar 1 & 2 ESR’s, Shree Nagar DT & Mhalgi Nagar ESR were deprived from precious potable water supply or compelled to live with either restricted, low pressure or no water supply in many areas. Their Taps received water with low pressure.

Technical experts in industry informed that frequent power tripping is the main reason of air interruption in the system which takes more time to evacuate. Normally it takes about 25 minutes to fill one ESR (Over head tank of 22.70 lakh liter capacity). Though the tripping period in WTP’s was from 5 minutes to 10, 15 or 20 minutes duration but due to tripping, the water levels of ESR’s which were under supply at that period was reached its lowest levels and supply was badly affected in the following areas and its post effects remains on those areas whose supply period is after the tripping period i.e in evening hours after 6 pm.

As per experts, normally after a small tripping of even a 5 minutes and after restart of pumping to reach the required flow rate of water from the feeder main pipelines it will take more than two & half hours period after the pumping was restarted. It may be mentioned here due to such power tripping’s citizens face problems and are compelled to receive either restricted, low pressure or no water supply, however NMC-OCW technical experts always try hard to manage the show to provide adequate water supply to citizens after tripping incidences. The inconvenience caused in water supply due to such power tripping is highly regretted.