Published On : Wed, Nov 6th, 2019

Power Game: NMC stops encroachment drive at Patil’s Classes

Nagpur: The anti-encroachment drive of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) often turns lax when it comes to dealing with special cases. The latest incident came to fore on Wednesday, at the team of anti-encroachment department of Laxmi Nagar Zone left the premises of Dev Nagar Square, based Patil’s Classes premises without any action.

According to sources, few floors of the class building were illegally constructed. Even they have not authorized to install social panels in the building. Following this the officials of Laxmi Nagar anti-encroachment approached the classes on Wednesday. However, the drive could not even last for entire day and came to an end within couple of hours.

When Nagpur Today took matter to R P Bhivgade, Assistant Commissioner, Laxmi Nagar Zone, he directed us to concerning officer Totewar on the pretext that, “he has to attend a meeting”. On contacting Totewar, the NMC officer didn’t even received a single call and not even bothered to reply to the phone texts.

This has raised several eye-brows on authenticity of the NMC bosses. While common citizens have to pledge in front of the NMC bosses to secure their roof, some people with “good contacts” are often set scot-free by these officials.