Postal Deptt denies senior citizen IPPB account over fading fingerprints

Nagpur: Peddling on his cycle, he travels from Anant Nagar to General Post Office in Civil Lines with just one hope that at least today he will get to enrol with India Post Payment Bank (IPPB), an initiative of Department of Post, Government of India. However, all his efforts end in vain when administration told him that he cannot be given access to this scheme as he has faded fingerprints.

The 72 year-old retired BSNL employee B C Taywade is being deprived of ration since past two months and also being hassled by IPPB, Nagpur for opening an account because he has faded fingerprints.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Taywade said that since the moment he heard about this scheme, he wanted to open an account as it aims to build the most accessible, affordable and trusted bank for the common man.

“It has been over a month and half, I travel all the way from Anant Nagar to Civil Lines, just to open an account. However, the bank administration always denied my application quoting, they cannot identify me with Aadhar Card as my fingerprints are not there. Hence with no option left, I return home depressed.”

He also told Nagpur Today that though he was promised to access an account with offline manual procedure but it’s been over a month and half he has been running pillar to post but yet to receive any sort of assistance from the bank administration.

Taywade is not an exception, there are many who failed to access their own cards and accounts due to fingerprints crisis. Government has introduced biometrics to issue foolproof transaction, however the question arises that when the administration fumbles with fingerprint matching then what?

While speaking on this matter, IPPB Manager, Abhijeet Jibhkate told Nagpur Today that, “This scheme is new and still growing. We have a digitalized system for opening an account. However, we are yet to receive any manual way of opening an account.”

He assured that in the next two-three months the consumer will be given access via offline procedure.

Shubham Nagdeve