Published On : Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

Political surveyors and pundits predict 3 seats for BJP and 2 seats for Cong

Maharashtra-Assembly-Election-2014Nagpur: With intensive campaigning which started on September 27, 2014 every candidate from every political party has been striving hard to reach out to his or her constituents. Rallies, public meetings, door-to-door campaigns seem to be yielding the desired results.

While the political pundits predictions are based on various visible factors, there are businessmen and traders who involve themselves in “Satta-bazari” or betting racket.

In candid information received by Nagpur Today, the betting rate for some of the candidates in Nagpur and District on October 8 was follows.


S.No            Name                                        Rate

1.                 Nitin Raut                       00.65 Ps

2.                 Vikas Thakre                  00.70 Ps

3.                 Satish Chaturvedi          00.90 Ps

4.                 Kiran Pandav                 00.90 Ps

5.                 Devendra Fadnavis        00.10 Ps

6.                 Panju Totwani               10.00 Rs

7.                 Gudadhe Patil                05.00 Rs

8.                 Vikas Kumbhare            00.40 Ps

9.                 Anees Ahmed                 02.00 Rs

10                Krishna Khopde            00.15 Ps

11                Malikarjun Reddy          00.02 Ps

12                Ashish Jaiswal                00.011/2 Ps

13                Subodh Mohite              00.03 Ps


These rates show that three candidates of BJP and two candidates of Congress party are sure to win. A sudden change of scenario was observed in the Satta world as far as Candidates of Ramtek are concerned. Till October 7, 2014, i.e. PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Nagpur, the position of the candidates was 1st Ashish Jaiswal, 2nd Malikarjun Reddy and 3rd Subodh Mohite. However after Modi’s visit, the position of the candidates underwent a sea of change and now the position of candidate is 1st Malikarjun Reddy, 2nd Ashish Jaiswal and 3rd Subhodh Mohite.

This status and the rates need not necessarily continue to be the same till October 15, 2014, since it is too early to predict the status.