Published On : Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

It’s fierce battle in South West Nagpur with campaigning trail set on fire


The election express has switched to fast track as the big campaigning trail is nearing its end. Though, all the six assembly seats in Nagpur is witnessing the cluster of fine tuning activities, the big fight is certainly awaiting South West assembly seat where Congress has fielded Prafulla Gudadhe Patil to take the traditional BJP biggie Devendra Fadnavis head on. The campaigning trend in South West Nagpur constituency has peaked to next level with both the candidates coming out with the best possible means to contact voters.

The fight has really gone tough for Fadnavis this time, as Patil is also gaining huge turnouts during his grass root level contact programme. The advertisements put up on the radio are adding more tang to the big fight in South West Nagpur. Congress candidate Prafulla Gudadhe Patil has come up with some really appealing radio advertisements that have been the high talking point in the city. In his appeal to the voters Patil has raised many local issues like Manish Nagar Railway crossing over-bridge, inflated water bills, solutions to unauthorized layouts, and many more.

However, Fadnavis is certainly missing out on the key issues, but he is certainly not lagging behind as far as generating mass support is concerned. In his campaign trail Fadnavis has tried to better his prospects through pointing out loopholes in the Congress-NCP (now broken) coalition government in the state.

On the other, Prafulla Gudadhe Patil has fast made inroads into the public domain with handful of hitting issues that may probably form the voters’ decision. As far voters in South West are concerned, the situation is certainly like catch-22, in which the voters are finding themselves on the cross road. However the long wait for development could certainly mean the voters might think the other way this time.

As far as bettering the prospects in the South West constituency is concerned Prafulla Gudadhe Patil certainly looks promising and appears to be gaining an edge over his potential rival. Given the agility with which Patil has taken charge on his campaign trail, prospects of him hitting the road to change may not be ruled out.

However,  South West seat trended in favour of Fadnavis during the last assembly seats, this time the contest will come little tough for him to secure his seat.

The final yield of this big game certainly depends on which way the voters would want to choose.