Published On : Sat, Sep 13th, 2014

Political parties put on the edge: Either meet demands of policemen or face NOTA option

The Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan has unequivocally dared the political parties and leaders by raising a question: Why should not the policemen use the weapon of NOTA (None Of The Above) option in EVMs and thus reject all the candidates contesting the Assembly for meting injustice to them?

Nagpur News

With bugle for Assembly election battle in Maharashtra sounded, all sights would be on one crucial aspect. Who will form the next Government? Will it be Congress-NCP Front again or BJP-Shiv Sena-RPI(A) Mahayuti? However, before that to happen, an organization has raised a burning question to be pondered over by voters and also thrown a challenge to all political parties. In fact, the organization, Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan has put the political parties on the edge. The organization has been fighting for rights of policemen and striving for providing justice to them that has not been delivered to the policemen by all the successive Governments in the State. The Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan has unequivocally dared the political parties by raising a question: Why should not the policemen use the weapon of NOTA (None Of The Above) option in EVMs and thus reject all the candidates contesting the Assembly? In fact, the organization has appealed the policemen to press NOTA button unless the parties come out clean on the rights of policemen.

Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan has asserted that the policemen will vote to those political parties and leaders who understand privileges and rights of policemen and assure in writing that within 90 days of coming to power the demands of policemen on their privileges and rights will be fulfilled. The responsibility of giving in writing on the demands of policemen will have to be taken only by those parties and leaders who can fulfill them. If any of the political parties and leaders are not ready to take the responsibility then all the policemen in Maharashtra will utilize the “None f The Above” (NOTA) option in the Assembly elections slated to be held on October 15, 2014, warned the organization and added that the Government will then come to know the number strength of policemen and it affects the winning prospects of candidates if NOTA option is utilized.
Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan, stressing on its point, further said the number of policemen in the State stands at 2 lakh. The number of family members and other relatives of each policeman is around 10. It means 20 lakh voters. Moreover, if the number of well-wishers and supporters is included the voters come to 1.5-2 crore. The figure can seriously affect the chances of candidates even if 25 percent of voters exercise the NOTA option, warned the organization and summarily put the ball in the court of political parties and leaders.

The Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan, situated at First Floor of PPP Tower, Manewada Square, Nagpur, since past 2-3 years has been fighting in the interests of privileges and rights of policemen in Maharashtra. The organization said that is has waged a letter battle with Government by way of a large correspondence. Every letter has demanded 8-hour duty to policemen and overtime if the duty hours are extended for any contingency, proper and large recruitment of manpower in police force with all benefits, salaries and allowances to policemen on par with Revenue Department. However, the Government has only doled out only assurances and has neglected the demands of policemen. Every successive Government has been giving step-motherly treatment to Police Department even though the Department is serving the society day and night and policemen are not less than social workers. But what they are getting in return? questioned the Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan.
Nilesh Nagolkar, Secretary of Rashtra Nirman Sanghatan said that the organization is trying to provide the problems of police personnel a platform. The Sanghatan has done a survey in the city to ascertain the status of policemen and the problems being faced by them. “We found that policemen are not getting the salary they deserve, they are working continuously for 12 to 14 years and sometimes have to work even in three shifts at a stretch without payment of overtime. Due to the working schedule the police department has they are not able to give time to their family and friends hence deprived of personal life,” lamented Nagolkar.

“The Government’s lackadaisical approach towards the police personnel is totally unjustified and the apathetic attitude needs to be changed with decisive step like rejecting all the candidates contesting the Assembly elections,” said Nagolkar.