Published On : Mon, May 12th, 2014

Political parties are run by corporate money – Arundhati Roy

Few top corporations are running the country. They are running the Indian political parties. They run the media; they have interference in almost all the sectors. The cross ownership of these corporate should be stopped says author Arundhati Roy

Nagpur News :
The Delhi-based novelist and nonfiction writer and Man Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy was in the city on May, 12, 2014. While talking to the media personal at Tilak Patrakar Bhawan Noted author and activist Arundhati Roy expressed her views on various vital issues like political scenario of the country, Naxal issue, cast and social problems and poverty.

Arundhati Roy was awarded the Booker Prize in 1997 for The God of Small Things. She is one of India’s leading social critics, railing against mining and power projects that displace the poor.


Talking about the current political scenario and situation of India Arundhati Roy said that the all the political parties are the puppets of top corporate. Roy added that this is having devastating consequences for hundreds of millions of she opined that the corporations that fund major parties, which end up doing their bidding. We are really owned and run by a few corporations, who can shut India down when they want says Arundhati Roy.

I am not the supporter of Violence!

Speaking on her association with the Maoists in the tribal areas of the country, Roy said that many say that i am supporting violence but this is not at all true. I am just trying to give voice to those Adivasies whom nobody is ready listen. Not even our government is trying their pin.

She questioned that if you are an Adivasi and if the government took away your land and forest and pledged it with multinational corporations, will you tolerate this? Roy said that the livelihood of these poor people is taken away and women are raped. Their basic needs are not being fulfilled. While all these happen, thousands of armed forces personnel stand guard. In these situations how can you expect Gandhian protest from these poor harassed people?

Professor Saibaba is not a Naxalite

When asked about her view on the arrest of Delhi University professor Prof. GN Saibaba, Roy said that Saibaba arrest is a total injustice. Supporting Saibaba, Roy said that Prof. Saibaba is not a naxalite.  Arundhati added that according to her knowledge Police searched Saibaba’s Home by fake warrant which is not at all justified. Roy alleged that GN Saibaba is Being Targeted. She also raised questions on the police search and said that the cops not even done the formalities properly.