Published On : Wed, Aug 13th, 2014

Police constable commits suicide by hanging

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A police constable committed suicide by hanging in his quarter in Police Lines on August 13, 2014 at around 8:30 am. The deceased has been identified as Raju Devaji Gedam aged 37 years. Raju Devaji Gedam was posted in the Traffic Department of MIDC Police Station. He was a resident of Quarter No 13, Building Number 21, Police Lines. He leaves behind his wife Ranjana Gedam and a 4 year old daughter Trusha Gedam. Raju is said to be hailing from Chandrapur. Sources and neighbours claimed that he was not going to his duties from 2011. Some claimed he suffered from some extreme mental tension. Sources added that he used to resort to alcohol to deal with his tensions. Sources added that he had become an alcoholic and used to consume large quantities of alcohol.

Sources said that on August 12, 2014, his wife had quarreled with him over his alcohol consumption. On August 13, 2014, when his wife Ranjana alias Guddu had gone to leave their daughter Trusha to her school, Raju Gedam had allegedly committed suicide. Raju Gedam had committed suicide using a nylon rope. When his wife Ranjana returned after leaving his daughter in the school, she found Raju hanging from the Nylon rope. Hearing her wailing sound, the neighbours arrived there to see the dead-body of Raju hanging from a nylon rope.

As soon as the information of the suicide was informed to the Gittikhadan Police Station, PSI Bhagat reached the spot and performed all the legal formalities with his staff.

Some police-officials are of the opinion that since he had not been going to perform his duties for the last 3 years, the family must have been facing financial difficulties which could have led him to commit suicide.

The Gittikhadan Police Station has filed a case of accidental death in this case and is investigating further.

In a recent survey done throughout India by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Maharashtra tops the list for police suicides, with 200 cases reported from 2006 to 2011.

Raju Devaji Gedam

Raju Devaji Gedam

Many senior Police officials and Psychologists are of the opinion that many a times, it is sheer impulse which urges a person to end his/her life. However, there are many factors, which keep piling on over a period of time which effectively contribute to the decision to end their life. These persons take the extreme step that person is not capable of bearing the stress, strain, tension or pressures anymore. This is very similar to the Pressure Cooker. Once the steam gets accumulated beyond the capacity, it blows off the safety valve and blasts off.