Published On : Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

PoK people wish to join India; a resounding slap on the face of Pak!

Srinagar/ Nagpur:
Even though the separatist-leaders of Jammu and Kashmir are trying to mislead the people of J&K filling their minds with anti-India thoughts, and even though Pakistan may dream of annexing J&K into its own fold, the people of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) have raised their demand that they wish to become part of India, said the sources. It is really a resounding slap on Pakistan as well as the separatist-elements of J&K.

According to sources, the people of PoK have expressed their desire to the chairman of Anjuman-Minhaz-e-Rasul Maulana Syed Arthur Hussain Dehalvi during his visit to the region (PoK) and his meeting them personally. Dehalvi has revealed that 99% people of PoK wish to join India.

Dehalvi further said, in case a plebiscite is conducted, the residents of PoK would vote in favour of India. Not only are the people of PoK, but also those from Baluchistan and Karachi are interested in making better relations with India, and they are deadly against the anti-India attitude of Punjabi-dominant administration of Punjab province in Pakistan, he added.

According to media reports, the transformation of hearts of Pakistanis is due to unique functioning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, be it the rescue operation during floods in J&K, or be it extending  the help to neighbouring countries hit by earthquake and other natural calamities after India and Nepal were hit. These qualities of Narendra Modi have attracted the people pf Pakistan and made them his fans. On the other hand, the Pakistan government, always claiming to be well wisher of Kashmiris is not bothered  in visit PoK and take care of its people.