Published On : Thu, Feb 12th, 2015

Point Blank : Post Delhi phenomenon, it’s high time MNS should learn from AAP!

AAP pokes.Nagpur.

The unprecedented outcome in Delhi poll battle has clearly driven home a point among various political cadres that people are desperately looking for an instant change and cannot afford to think twice before declining their own choice, if the elected one turns out to be non-performer. With AAP registering astronomical 67 out of 70 seats and reducing the contemporary rivals BJP and Congress to nothing, its time smaller regional parties should initiate public oriented strategy to rise in the mainstream.

As AAP was only a regional party active in Delhi, it certainly had won the commoners mind. Their ground strategy was to reach out to the last person in the cramped bylanes and get him to vote without any influence. Be it getting the name included in the ration card or be it fixing water connections, AAP did it all. They conquered Delhi,  defeated the ruling Congress and decimated the Modi wave. But the debacle happened when they took on the Centre head on and decided to contest Lok Sabha elections in the whole country. AAP was a regional party not a national one. And when it again stood for Delhi fight, it came as a clear winner.

The scene in Maharashtra politics is no different. Who is the underdog today? MNS for sure! They are the regional players. Analysts believe that AAP’s downfall started by their decision to contest in the country. Similarly MNS lost the plot by couple of things.  One, they should not have contested in the State and should have first tried to win Mumbai rather than rest of Maharashtra. Secondly, you cannot fight on the same agenda of another party i.e. the Marathi card. Mumbai is a predominantly Shiv Sena’s strong hold. Its agenda and style of working cannot be replicated.

Political observers suggests that Raj Thackeray should instead build shakhas in each and every corner of Mumbai and help the citizens with common problems. First agenda for Raj should be BMC elections in 2017.

He has been deserted by his own party men due to his centralized nature of working. Decentralize the same. Start believing in your own men. Target Youth. People need a change in civic matters. Just be after Governance then Government. Let Vasant Geete or Ram kadam go…Bedi and IIlmi also left Kejriwal. How does it matter? What Bala Saheb  had, apart from Prabhodhankars backing and a handful of Shivsainiks when Shivsena was formed in 1966? So it’s absolute crystal clear. People have given their mandate.

An expert commented, “Raj saheb…Get out of Krishnakunj, and just motivate. Rest there are people who are willing to help you. As I put it, it is now or never for MNS.”