Published On : Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Pocket-friendly international cuisine at Cherries n Chillies

Cherries n Chillies (1)
Though Nagpur has plenty of restaurants dedicated to specific cuisines, it still does not have a lot of good multi-cuisine restaurants where you can go ahead and taste something truly different – something you’d definitely not order anywhere else – think poutines and french platters, think savoury waffle sandwiches.

Yes, you read that right. You can get those things mentioned above and more at the recently opened Cherries n Chillies at Nagpur. Located at Ram Nagar Hill Road, the facade is inviting and the establishment is huge with a 2-storey seating.

We were impressed by the pleasant interiors done in the now-in-vogue deconstructed, minimalist style. There are small stylistic elements throughout the restaurant that add to the feel.

Now, for the food, we were eager to try the superb Mexican fare that the servers described as one of their specialities. We ordered the Chicken Chimichangas to start off our meal with. Small stuffed-pastry preparations with a fresh portion of red salsa sauce, the chicken was fresh and the Chimichangas were unlike any other chicken preparation we’ve had in the city. Truly exotic, the Chimichangas were a great start to the meal. For a vegetarian option, we opted for a Savoury Waffle Sandwich – the name was intriguing and we were served a steaming hot waffle with a delectable vegetable curry between two halves, serving as a sandwich. An innovative dish for sure, make sure you eat this one before it cools down as waffles tend to become a little chewy.

Cherries n Chillies (3)
For drinks we had the Ginger Ale which was light and refreshing, with subtle ginger (not overpowering, thankfully!) and the Chocolate Brownie Smoothie – just as delicious as it reads, this smoothie was thick and creamy with just the right amount of chocolate brownie blended in with a chocolate milkshake base. A lovely accompaniment to the spicy Mexican fare.

Cherries n Chillies (2)
We followed this up with a Tex Mex Chicken – the sauce here being the speciality. Spicy and interestingly seasoned, this dish also stood up to the standard of food served and was a winner. The same Tex Mex Chicken is also a part of their Mexican Platter that contains Mexican Rice and Nachos with cheese and salsa in addition to it.

Cherries n Chillies
All in all, we are glad that Nagpur has a new multi-cuisine offering that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While we stayed away from the traditional Indian fare this time, we cannot wait to go back for the French Platter next time. Make sure you head to Cherries n Chillies for your dose of some exotic dishes at pocket-friendly prices. A value for money place in the otherwise expensive Nagpur food scene.

Address: Hill Road, Ramnagar
Contact: 0712 224 1941