Published On : Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

PNR Status Checking is now easy & simple! – Get Status, Seat availability & updates

Nagpur: Messed with the weight of checking your PNR status frequently, when you have many things to do? We are speaking about something that could help you out.

You have booked your train tickets to your most loved occasion goal. You are included in arranging and sorting out everything impeccably and what turns into a speed-breaker in your arrangement is ticketing part-you get a wait-listed ticket!

In the scurry and tumult of arranging an excursion and planning everything to flawlessness, while, in the meantime, dealing with your work is difficult. You would regularly neglect to check the status of your PNR for an update on your wait-list position. Checking the status on the day or a day prior to your adventure can end up being significantly more troublesome, as you barely get whenever to make any substitute arrangements. Especially in the event that you are on a tight calendar, attempting to deal with settling work and different things due, so you can appreciate the excursion gently, a wait-listed ticket can be a real worry.

There is an chrome extension to help you on this which work as your assistant and updates you via notification and send email whenever your status gets updated. This would reduce passengers burden of checking his pnr number every now and then. You just have to add this chrome extension to your browser, enter your pnr number and rest leave to it. You would get automatic chrome notification and email whenever it gets updated.

Installation and usage is simple –

  • Click this link – <> Button with text “PNR Status”
  • Just click on the “Add to Chrome” button and the extension will install itself to chrome.
  • Click on the extension. You can locate it on the top right-hand corner of the chrome browser.
  • Enter your 10-digit PNR and click on Get Status button.Also check tool to get Indian Railways Info

After this you dont have to come online every time to check your pnr status, you start getting notification and emails whenever the status gets updated.