Published On : Wed, Mar 11th, 2020

Plasto fraud: No transfers could be placed sans verification, says PNB Manager

Nagpur: For past few weeks Nagpur Today has been exposing the alleged misdeeds of the current directors of city-based plastic tank manufacturers – Plasto. Ankush Madanmohan Agrawal, son of ex-founder has accused his aunt Urmila Rameshchandra Agrawal, sons Vaibhav, Vishal, Nilesh and grand-daughter Shreya of defrauding his parents and grandmother Yenubai and alleged that the accused sold their property worth crores of rupees though Gandhibagh based Punjab National Bank.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, Ankush had alleged that the accused had reportedly opened the bank accounts of his father Madanmohan using forged documents at Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank (NNSB) sans their knowledge and later used those accounts for illegal transaction worth corore of rupees.

“My uncle along with his wife, son and grand-daughter then used forged documents of my father and mother to create their accounts at PNB and NNSB. And later used those accounts to sell my parents property, their shares at the firm using the PNB bank manager who was their tenant back then,” Ankush alleged.

When Nagpur Today, took matter to Narendra Shanbharkar, General Manager, PNB Gandhibagh he asserted that no transactions can be placed sans verifications from the Bank officials.

“Under any circumstances it is next to impossible to make a transaction which could remain unverified by the bank. Even if account holder is reportedly sick and unable to visit the bank, we have provision to visit his/her house for the verification process.

As per Ankush Agrawal’s allegations, I wasn’t the authorized person at that time. If he needs any aide from the PNB he has to follow the standard bank procedure,” said the Manger.

Plasto established back in 1986 by Madanmohan Agrawal has made a giant leap in the business over the years before Madanmohan suffered with paralysis attack in 1999. Owing to health crisis, Madanmohan used to stay back at home. Capitalizing the situation, his brother Ramchandra approached Madanmohan’s family and sought permission to look after the firm.

Unknown of the orchestrated conspiracy, the family of Madanmohan fell prey to the dubious plan, claimed Ankush Agrawal, elder son of Madanmohan. Ankush had leveled a series of damning allegations accusing the current directors committing frauds.