Published On : Tue, Oct 6th, 2020

Plastic Industry Will Grow After COVID 19 in India

Hello friends. Are you looking to start a new business in Plastic Industry?

In India, plastic industry is growing after ban on importing plastic toys from overseas.You can start your plastic product making business to support the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative.This is start by the Prime Minister of India to boost the local manufacturers of machine and products.

Be the vocal for the local. It is only possible when the people of India buy product from the Indian manufacturer. People should support the local products by purchasing them.

What are the benefits of buying from Local?

This helps the economy. The demand of the local product increases the employment.

When product manufacturer buy machine from the local machine manufacturer get the service on time. As the machine is made in the country the parts are easily available and price is not costly. If you buy machine from local manufacturer increase the employment which helps the economy.

When the machine is made in India it increases the passive employment.As the machine is locally made the buyer can go physically at facility and check the components used in the machine.

The benefit of purchasing the machine from local manufacturer you will get on site and on time assistance if the machine is breakdown. The repairing cost is minimum as all the parts are used is local.

People also have to buy products made locally. It is beneficial for the local market and national economy. The local manufacturers should provide excellent quality of products with competitive price.

Also, the manufacturers should invest in R & D to make products at affordable price without compromising the quality. The plastic products are used in various industries from packaging to household items, automobile to toys, etc.

As the second largest country in population, the demand of the various plastic products is high in India. You can start the plastic product making business with minimum investment.

Which is the best Plastic Business to start?

First is products made with Injection Moulding Machine. In the process the plastic is melted and then injected into mould. The plastic is solidifying after cooling. The injection moulding is widely used process to make various plastic products. The products are varied in size, application and complexity.

This is requiredan Injection Moulding machine, raw material and very important mould. This process is used to products has thin-wall plastic parts for various applications.

The plastic housing is a thin-wall enclosure and it is used in household appliances, consumer electronics, power tools and automotive industry. Some other products are open containers, buckets. With the injection moulding various products are made like toothbrushes, small plastic toys, medical devices, etc.

Next is Blow Moulding Machine

Blow moulding is used to manufacture hollow objects made from plastic. In this process the raw material is heated and formed into a parison. After that melted material is enter into mould and with the blown air the material is stretch according to shape of mould.For the colour plastic product the masterbatch is used.

Products like water bottle, liquid soap bottle, shampoo bottle, motor oil can, milk can, pharmaceutical bottles, etc. Large products like drums, tubes and storage tanks can make.

There are various toys are made with the blow moulding machine. At present there is highest demand in plastic toy making machine as the import duty of toys is increased.

Let’s see the Extrusion Process

In the extrusion process the raw material or resin is fed into hopper of barrel of extruder. The additives are added in liquid or pellet form. Then material is entering into screw. The rotating screw force the resin to move forward into barrel.The raw material is melted and pass through breaker plate which removes any contaminants. Then it pass through die and form profile or shape of product.

Products like sheet, pellets, PVC Pipe, window profiles, vinyl siding, etc. are made with extrusion process.