Planning to take admission in Nagpur University? Make sure your TC contains caste and religion

Nagpur University
Nagpur: In step promoting caste discrimination, Nagpur University has made it mandatory for the students to mention their religion and caste in the admission application without which, the online forms are not being accepted. It has also been mandatory that the Transfer Certificates produced for admission must contain the mentioned information.

The secular students who do not believe in caste or religion are the ones who are facing problems due to the same. The decision has affected the applicants not only from Nagpur but also from other cities and even states as their admissions are being denied. There are several students who had not mentioned their caste and religion in the primary education. As a result, they do not have the same printed on their Transfer Certificates.

However, for proceeding for admission in RTM Nagpur University; it has been made obligatory to mention the same. The matter has already been complained by several parents but, the officials have been stating this to be state government’s orders. The students coming from North-East are the ones facing most of the problems. “It is a decision taken by the state government. University is only following the orders. There are various other orders like this which we are compelled to follow”, said Dr. Neeraj Khati, Director, Examination and Evaluation Department.