Published On : Fri, Dec 19th, 2014

PK : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal

PK : Rajkumar Hirani is an Alien
PK is most awaited film of the because it brings back Amir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani for the second time (after 5 years). When the lead actor is Amir Khan and when the Director is someone Mr Dependable like Rajkumar Hirani, the buzz is bound to be big.

But this time, the posters and promos did not give a clue at all regarding what is the movie about. They were somewhat disappointing for many. A lot of people felt Rajkumar Hirani has got it wrong this time and waited to prove their prediction. Others believed in the Director and waited for the release patiently.

Now that the movie is in theaters (with increased ticket prices), is it as good or even better than the Director’s earlier movies?

I am glad to share with you that yes, it is as good as his past films if not better. It is a must watch. It is an out an out Rajkumar Hirani film

Yes, Amir Khan is in it and he does justice to his role but still this time the applause shall be for the Director.

Rajkumar Hirani can takes bird’s eye view of any social system and find out hilarious contradictions from it. Then he weaves a story around it which is entertaining, comic and still makes hard hitting statement at the hypocrisy and pretense in that system. In his directorial debut, Munnabhai MBBS, he took on the lacunae in medical field. In Lage Raho Munnabhai, he used “Gandhigiri” to highlight various evil in society, real estate and corruption too. Same way, in 3 Idiots, it was education system at his target.

In these films, there’s always a person who is outside of the regular systems (as mentioned above) but gets involved in the system for some or other reason. Being an outsider and rational thinker with compassionate heart, this person always points out or uses the system in his benefit and in the process highlights the contradictions.

This makes me say that Rajkumar Hirani is an Alien. Because generally a person who is outside the system can easily grab the loopholes in it. And the way RajKumar Hirani does it so efficiently it is very easy to say that he is an Alien. An Alien to all these systems and social evil. That is why his movies make such an effective statement on a particular issue. With his wit, gental sarcasm and compassionate view point, he tells the story so effortlessly and makes us laugh at our own shortcomings that at the end we can not stop ourselves than to give standing ovation to his creations.

PK is not an exception to this. When audience gives appreciative applause at the end of the movie, it is the biggest appreciation a movie can get. And PK certainly gets it. PK is a statement of the most touching subject in our country, i.e. Religion. Hirani uses his alien views on the ways religion is used in our country and unabashedly demonstrates each contradiction in a humorous, witty way. We laugh at it but realize our own mistakes. It makes us laugh but also makes us think. It makes us cry for the right reasons. It helps us find faults in our own systems and beliefs.

Hirani’s films are always kind of study material in story telling, script writing, direction, acting, etc. all. This time also, the writer duo Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijit Joshi along with Sreerag Nambiar, does a remarkable job of doing it right at the writing stage itself. The screenplay is flawless and smooth. Moments and situations just reveal one after another with seamless flow. Dialogs are witty and clever. If it was “Jaadu ki Zappi“, “Gandhigiri“, “All izz well” in earlier movies, this time it is “Wrong Number” which can be a hit.

As a Director, Hirani is outstanding as always. He is master of his craft and controls our heart and mind completely throughout the duration of the movie. Be it the love story of Jagat Janani/Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) and Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) or story of PK before he meets Jaggu, everything feels such real life that we get immersed in the magical world created by Hirani. Take a bow, Mr. Hirani. You.Are.A.Maestro!

The master creator this time has his muse in Amir Khan, the actor known as perfectionist. Amir Khan lets the movie shape his character, PK. Amir Khan feels like PK and he makes sure PK does not feel like Amir Khan. He facilitates the story and nowhere his stardom feels bigger than the story. That is what is very important. Watch him when in the song “Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu” when he is almost broken while going from one religious place to another and does not get what he seeks. We feel his pain. We want him to find his desired object which will facilitate him to go back his home. He makes us route for him. This connectivity is very rare now a days. Amir proves why he is what he is. Kudos!

Another name worth mentioning is Anushka Sharma. She looks beautiful and adorable in this movie. This is her career defining role and she did full justice to it. She plays full of life, strong yet vulnerable Jaggu to the T. She has a lot of screen time and she proves she is worth it. Hats off to her.

Sanjay Dutt does impresses in his small role. He is totally adorable when he works with Hirani. Sanjay’s personality transforms under his Direction. Here too, he steals our heart. His dance in the song “Tharki Chokaro” is unique and lively. Overall he does impress.

Sourabh Shukla, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani has almost equal length of role and all do justice to their chracters. Sushant Singh Rajput is pleasant to watch. He will be a hot favorite for girls. Overall, perfect casting by Mukesh Chhabra.

Cinematography by C. K. Muraleedharan is excellent. Music is by Shantanu Moitra is pleasant on the ears. “Tharki Chokro” by Ajay-Atul is a peppy chart-buster. “Dil Darbadar” by Ankit Tiwari is nice too. Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire is in tune with the story and we understand the meaning of them when we watch the movie.

Having said all this, the movie has the unmistaken Rajkumar Hirani Format. It is based on similar structure, has similar characters. Like character of PK feels like extension of “Funsuk Wangadoo“. In-fact the description in promos felt identical. His movies formats have similar struggle and triumph. Though this format is unique from all others and Hirani presents it in perfectly entertaining way each time with some of other uniqueness, we would like him to break out of his mold and delight us with something totally new and apart from his regular ways. Well, someone will say “if it ain’t broke, why fix?” but it would be interesting if this genius mind can enchant us with something totally different.

Apart from that the build up till the climax is very exciting, but climax is somewhat lackluster. With such a nice build up of excitement, we expected firecrackers at the climax but it is somewhat goodie goddie and little ineffective. Also the movie’s topic feels similar to OMG (Oh My God) or say extension of it giving a Deja Vu kind of feeling. These 3 points stop this movie from getting 4.5 or 5 stars it could have easily earned across the board.

Overall, a very good Rajkumar Hirani style movie which can be watched 1st with family and then with friends and then with office gang, etc. It does have repeat value.

Rating : 4 stars
Recommendation : Must Watch!