Published On : Wed, Nov 5th, 2014

PK Funnies : It took 11 retakes for Aamir Khan to pull wedgie out of fat man’s butt crack


Now we know why PK star Aamir Khan is known as perfectionist. Because he packs perfection into every shot he delivers. Whether it is an emotional scene or a romantic one or for that matter, shooting for the weird stuff in his upcoming movie PK, Aamir is here to suit all shots quite perfectly. And the one scene you must have noticed in the PK’s promo where Ammir pulls the cloth out of a man’s butt crack. The fat man who stands in the scene, keeping his buttocks towards Aamir is playing a barber in the movie.

Now Aamir has teamed up with director Rajkumar Hirani to come up with another publicity aspect to give an ‘insight’ into this shot. And it took 11 takes to make the shot a perfect one, reveals a video titled ‘PK funnies’ that surfaced online recently. In the video an assistant director is seen making a wedgie with a hanger on an obese man’s buttocks. Aamir Khan is later supposed to pull the piece of cloth wedged in the man’s butt crack out. The scene figures in the promos too.

The video goes from take one to take eleven as a wedgie is made in the butt crack of a the man who is said to be playing the role of a ‘fat barber’. We also see Khan pull it out – 11 times.

While you might wonder what exactly is so funny about the video to have it featured in the promotional material of the film, PK’s crew definitely finds it hilarious. As the scene is being shot, we see in the video, people in the crew are trying their best to suppress laughter. Actually, that’s not very surprising given the taste Indian masses have for everything from sexist jokes to scatological humour.

Hirani, after working with Khan for a year, seems to have picked up the idiosyncrasies of the actor. The director is seen complaining that he is not getting the ‘perfect’ light for the scene!!!

The film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput (who we are yet to see on posters, sigh!). It is slated for a Christmas release this year.

Watch video here