Published On : Sat, Jul 25th, 2015

Pizzania celebrates anniversary celebrations with orphans

Owner of Pizzania Neelima and her husband Pravin Kapuria with aged inmates of Jeevan AsthaNagpur:

Usually any business establishment, which celebrates its anniversary, hosts a party and has the top “who’s who” of the city invited. Such establishments ensure a good media presence so that they get adequate media coverage, etc. A fairly new business establishment called Pizzania celebrated their first anniversary on July 22, 2015.

So what was different?

Well the owner of the firm Neelima Kapuria celebrated the first anniversary with orphan children. Except for a few very close friends and her family, the special invitees were orphan children and a few mentally challenged people.

Unlike the usual hypocritical behavior, genuine love could be seen. While the owner Neelima Kapuria was seen hugging the kids with genuine love, her own innocent children played with them without any qualms. They treated them as just some more  kids of her own. Her close friends too shared the same psycho-social temperament and genuine love for philanthropy.

Why and how the spirit of philanthropy emerged in Owner of Pizzania?

Not that the spirit of philanthropy did not exist in Neelima earlier, but it all started with a renewed vigour about 6 years back i.e. in 2010. Owner of the firm Neelima Kapuria while speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today claimed that she got a severe attack of Asthma and was reportedly rushed to a hospital by her own driver of her car. With ill fate looming strong, she could not be even wheeled inside the hospital since she was around 158 kilograms. The attending doctors rushed to her and declared her dead.

One of the boistrous kids enjoying himself thoroughly

One of the boistrous kids enjoying himself thoroughly

However, her driver pleaded with the doctors and persisted with the medical professions to do something to revive Neelima (which she came to know after she recovered in the hospital). With such persistence, the doctors made a last effort and with the help of a defibrillator, she was administered therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the heart. After nearly 2 minutes and 48 seconds the doctors succeeded in bringing her back to life. She owed her life to her driver. She remained in the hospital for nearly 6 months getting intensive treatment.

It was then that she realized that this life is precious and one must live a life where one shares his good fortune and happiness with others. She also started caring for the have-nots in her own special way. She started feeling empathy for the poor and the hungry. She started doing small random acts of kindness to the orphans living in various orphanages in the city. For her anniversary celebration too she had specially invited 25 orphan children from Jeevan Astha Orphanage situated in Itwari.  Apart from them around 10 mentally challenged children and some abandoned elderly people were also invited.

Orphan children enjoying Pizzas and cakesUnique sense of patriotism

She also got a unique sense of patriotism in her. This patriotism is inculcated in her children and in her staff (whom she calls and treats as her own family member). Whenever anyone calls Pizzania to order for a home-delivery of a Pizza, unlike the usual Good Morning / Afternoon or Evening Sir/Ma’am, one can hear the greeting Jai Hind Pizzania!. She claims that, that is the slogan one hears on anyone calling her mobile or home land line too.

Owner of Pizzania Neelima Kapuria, close friends, orphan children and abandoned aged people of Jeevan Astha Orphanage

Her extended family

Neelima claims that this venture of Pizzania is a success only because she has the full support of  her husband Pravin Kapuria and her two lovely children. Her staff, whom she calls and treats as her own family, include Sonu and Reeba at her home and at Pizzania Mangesh, Ram, Ishwar, Peter, Gloria and Roshni. With the success of this venture, she is all set to open a new branch at Sadar. Neelima knows her business well since she is Master of Science in Dietary Nutrition.

Samuel Gunasekharan