Petrol, diesel prices at highest-ever levels on rupee woes

Nagpur: Petrol and diesel prices in the country touched their highest levels Monday mainly due to dramatic fall in rupee and a sharp rise in crude oil rates. Petrol price in Nagpur rose to a record Rs 86.52 a litre and diesel climbed to a fresh high of Rs 74.37, according to price notification of state-owned fuel retailers.

This follows 65 paise/litre hike in prices on Monday. The rate in Mumbai was Rs 86.24 per litre. A litre of petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 86.56 on Monday.

Prices in Delhi are the cheapest in all metros and most state capitals due to lower sales tax or VAT. Diesel rates on Monday were hiked by 39 paise a litre, the steepest increase since the daily revision in prices was introduced in mid-june 2017. Diesel now costs Rs 75.54 per litre in Mumbai.