Published On : Thu, Apr 18th, 2019

PETA India appeals citizens to go leather-free

Nagpur : Painted blue and green to resemble planet earth and holding signs that read, “Save the planet: go leather-free,” members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and People for Animals Welfare Organisation- Nagpur organised protest against the leather production that leads to alleged cruel treatment to the animals and its environmental destruction in advance of Earth Day on Thursday morning at RBI Square.

PETA India contended that not only is the leather industry responsible for the torment of millions of cows, buffaloes, and other animals, it’s also poisoning water bodies and land with toxic runoff from tanneries.

“Leather production is harmful – to the animals killed for it, the land and water bodies polluted by it, and the humans exposed to the toxic chemicals used in it. We can all make the world a kinder and safer place simply by choosing leather-free shoes and clothing,” said PETA India campaign coordinator Radhika Suryavanshi.

Animals used for leather in India are often crammed into vehicles in such large numbers that their bones break. If they survive the journey to the slaughterhouse, their throats are cut in full view of other animals – and many are dismembered and skinned while they’re still conscious.

To keep the skins from rotting, tanneries use a variety of caustic, toxic chemicals, which are often dumped directly into water bodies, Radhika said. One of the most widely used chemicals in the tanning process is chromium, which can cause cancer in workers exposed to it, she added. The waste from leather production also causes skin and respiratory disorders in people who work in and live near tanneries.

She informed that synthetic leather and other animal-friendly options are available at around all major shoes and clothing shops in the country.