Published On : Mon, Mar 16th, 2015

People with commercial vested interest want Nihalani out

Censor BoardMumbai/Nagpur:  Top filmmakers, producers ‘hires’ board members to ensure that they get away with their double meaning and vulgar movies without any cut

Contrary to the perception, not a single movie is stuck or pending for clearance ever since Pahlaj Nihalani took charge as the chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on January 19this year, sources said. “The truth is that all the orders regarding the cut or ban on movies, those were in news recently, were passed by members of the previous board.”

According to sources, all this hue and cry is being made by people with commercial vested interest to ensure that Nihalani is remove from the top job.

Censor board members have received much criticism in recent months. Leela Samson had quit earlier this year as the chief alleging political interference. The Narendra Modi-led government then unveiled a new-look board headed by Nihalani, a notable filmmaker. He was also the president of Association Of Motion Pictures and TV Programs Producers for 29 years until 2009.

But things did not change.

The board is again in controversy, with few members, led by Ashoke Pandit and Nandini Sardesai, expressing unhappiness over the functioning of Nihalani and alleging him of treating the office as personal property. He is accused of coming up with a list of 28 cuss words to be removed from movies before it is passed.

“The list of words was for internal use purpose prepared by the office of the board and not the chairman. It includes some objectionable words that are commonly used in movies. It was given to all members, including Nihalani, to follow the guidelines. But it was deliberately leaked to media.”

If anyone have problem with the guidelines, he should approach the information and broadcasting ministry. But instead they are making their own guidelines for their personal interest, the source said.


Linking it to the corporate espionage – in which document from the oil ministry were leaked to journalists – the source said that some big filmmakers and producers have hired Pandit to ensure that corruption prevails and that they get away with their double meaning and vulgar movies without any cut.

“To get away with anything and everything they do, all these four filmmakers and producers, including one who is so called the queen of TV serials, along with few board members have formed a Gangs of Wasseypur. A journalist working with the leading national daily is also helping them.”


Explaining further, the source said that husband of the journalist in question is a right-hand of a producer who is coming up with a sex comedy with an adult-star-turn actress in the lead role. “The producer is finding it difficult to sell the movie. People are afraid to buy that movie. So they want to create pressure on board chief, through media, so that he can be removed and their movies are passed without any cut.”


Sources further said that Pandit and Sardesai, wanted to become the chief of the board. But their dream got shattered when government appointed Nihalani. And with a person with clean image at the helm of the board, they know that it will be difficult for them to make money by clearing vulgar movies. “Infact in 2012, Pandit had got a movie cleared by using fake document and certificate.”

“Both Pandit and Sardesai, with the help of two other members, Chandraprakash Dwivedi and Mihir Bhuta are creating controversies with a sole purpose to get Nihalani out of the board and help their industry friends who are known to make vulgar movies.”