Published On : Sat, Oct 11th, 2014

People should avail the special drive to distribute voters’ Slips, says District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna

District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna
While addressing a press meet on Friday October 10, 2014, District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna said that a Special Drive is being organized by the District Election Office to distribute voters’ slips to voters in all the 12 constituencies of the district in view of October 15 Assembly election. Directives have been issued to all the Block Level Officers to complete the distribution of the voters’ slips by October 11, 2014. Every political party and candidate have been informed about this drive. The remaining voters’ slips will be distributed through a special drive on October 12th, 13th and 14th, 2014 at all polling centres. If the voters miss even this special drive, the voters’ slips will be distributed on the day of polling i.e. October 15, 2014. From October 10, till date, 1481817 (40%) voters’ slips have been distributed.

While elaborating about creating an awareness of voting, reputed Badminton player Arundhati Panthawne, who is regarded as the Brand Ambassador of Nagpur District Election Office, had come to meet the media personnel. The District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna, Deputy Election Officer Ramteke, Arundhati Panthawne had released an Audio-Video CD to promote and create an awareness among the youth to exercise the franchise.

District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna  (1)
While clarifying about the missing names in the voters’ list, District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna said that every polling centre has been provided with a CD with all the names of the voters. He added that one can also search his or her name through on-line. However, in case a name is missing, even after filling of Form No 6, and adhering to all the rules, then one can lodge a complaint with the acknowledgment receipt about missing names to the District Election Office.

The District Election Officer while clarifying about the delay in declaring the results, he said that in rural areas, there are many revenue officials, while in the city like Nagpur, there are very officials and the procedure followed in a very lengthy one to declare an exact figure of voting. However, while acknowledging the need for the media to relay the news of the position of a candidate on an hourly basis, he has agreed to set up a Press Corner at the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) office, where the media personnel can get an unofficial record of the position of the candidate.

The District Election Officer Abhishek Krishna was ready to direct his officials to provide all the information required by the media every day at 6 pm.