Published On : Wed, Apr 28th, 2021

People adopting animal cruelty to gain followers on social media: Smita Mire

Nagpur: In the age of social media, the quickest route to fame is going viral. In pursuit of viral renown, people do ridiculous things like taking part in “challenges”, getting into spats with other users, or simply making a fool of themselves. However, some shocking revaluation came to fore in Nagpur as people are resorting to animal cruelty just to gain followers, revealed Save Speechless Organisation founder Smita Mire speaking to Nagpur Today.

“Few days ago we had received a complaint on a social media platform regarding a post showing two teenagers hanging a dog by his neck with a rope cruelly and making fun of it. The dog seems to die in video. Irked over which we tried to contact the user on social media and also reached cyber cell, though, that person immediately deleted that video, said Smita and added, “Fortunately, we have taken screenshots of that video as it was not possible to download. Following which we’ve managed to register offence in this connection.”

In another such incident, one person was found hurting a dog and recording the entire scenarios. We immediately spoke with DCP zone and processed FIR against that man under section IPC section 428 & 429, prevention to animal cruelty act 1960 sec 11(I)(a), section 66D IT act for making fake social media accounts. Through the video and investigation we found the address and name of his near by person so now it’s possible for us to catch him. We will make sure to take strict action against him, she said.

People have nothing to do and they just using social media for nonsense things like killing animals or showing illegal reels. Where many lives fighting for survival in this disastrous situation, few seem to enjoy their psycic behaviour, Smita lamented.

In such cases, many parents do not know what there kids are doing on social media. Many people making unethical reels to get more followers and likes to get famous. For that they targeting poor puppies dogs and other animals for making fun on it. Please note animal cruelty is punishable offence. Do not be so relaxed that one can do any disgusting act through any fake accounts. It can be traced by our cyber cops, she has warned.

We shall take action on this case but it’s our duty, that if u find any such cases immediately report to local police and report it to cyber cell too. If anyone making such videos by torching any animals immediately stop that person and report to police, Smita has urged.