Published On : Wed, Mar 31st, 2021

PDS makka leaves bad taste in mouths of villagers in Kamptee

Nagpur: The makka (maize) being provided by Public Distribution System (PDS) in a Kamptee village is leaving bad taste in mouths of the ration card holders as the stuff is of very poor quality. A beneficiary named Kamalabai Kakde was given the poor quality makka by a PDS shop named Gulabrao Khante Ration Shop in village Kadholi of Kamptee Tehsil.

During the Covid time, government is providing certain quantity of makka by cutting the quota of wheat by 50 percent. However, when Kamalabai purchased the makka from the PDS shop, she was shocked to find the stuff of inferior quality not fit for human consumption. Initially, the ration card holders were being provided 15 kg of wheat. But in recent days, the wheat quota has been reduced. Now, 10 kg of wheat and 5 kg of makka is being given to the beneficiaries. The poor quality of makka has left many beneficiaries in the lurch as it is unfit for human consumption. Kamalbai said that the quality of the makka was so bad that she couldn’t use it.

The number of complaints against the PDS shops was particularly high among ration card holders in Kadholi village. If they don’t get good food through the Public Distribution System, then it will get very difficult for them to survive, one of the card holders said.