Published On : Sun, Mar 20th, 2016

PDP accuses BJP of betrayal as Mehbooba returns

SriNagar/Nagpur: “The PDP will not form the government just by jointly issuing a statement wherein a pledge will be reiterated to implement the Agenda of the Alliance without any movement on the ground,” said another PDP leader. “Address the trust issue first.”

A PDP leader quoted Ms Mufti as saying she would not “allow sinking of her party in this way. It is better to stay out of power than sink at the end of the term when the promises made to the people will remain unimplemented.”

Sources said Ms. Mufti is planning to hold a press conference next week “to dispel the notion that she was making fresh demands.” Meanwhile, BJP leaders, including State president Sat Sharma and former Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh, have been called to New Delhi for a briefing by the BJP brass.

Sources said the local BJP leadership was unanimous in putting their weight behind “the continuation of the alliance.”