Published On : Fri, Nov 28th, 2014

Patient’s relatives cries foul: Hospital denies allegations

DSC_0060 (1)Nagpur: Doctors are considered God’s ambassadors since they have knowledge to cure or heal patients. On many occasions, they do thankless jobs. Doctors try their level best using all their innate and acquired skills to save a patient. However, since every human being is different from the other and has different constitutions, what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. Every medicine or operation is performed keeping in mind the unique and individualistic approach. However, while some get healed others get complications in their functioning. This cannot be necessarily attributed to the doctors who are treating the patients.

However, there are many doctors who are marring the noble profession by making the profession as a money making business/career. In order to make money, they make the patients undergo various diagnostic tests. (On many occasions, they are not needed at all).

In a case that was brought to light by Manish Chauhan of Oriental Human Rights Protection Forum, Vasant Marotrao Rotkar was admitted in Wockhardt Hospital, Shankar Nagar. He was operated by Dr Jai Prassanna. The relatives of the patient, Manish Chauhan and members of the Oriental Human Rights Protection Forum alleged that the condition of the patient Vasant Rotkar has deteriorated after the operation, instead of recuperating. They also alleged that a second bypass surgery was performed on the patient. They claimed that Rs 6 lakhs was deposited for the said operation. They alleged that after the operation, due to the negligence of the doctors, the patient has gone into coma. The relatives alleged that the total bill of Rs 40 lakhs demanded by the hospital authorities is totally unjustified.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Centre Head of Wockhardt Hospital K Sujata and a panel of doctors including Dr Jaiprasanna claimed that all the allegations leveled against the hospital is baseless.

The hospital clarified that Dr Jaiprasanna is one of leading and very senior Cardiac Surgeons of the city. His surgeries have never gone wrong. The patient Vasant Rotkar underwent bypass surgery. He was shifted to the Surgical ICCU after the surgery.

However, after 32 hours, he suddenly collapsed. The entire team of specialists and surgeons again gathered within a few minutes and the patient was taken to the Operation Theatre and a re-exploration surgery was performed to verify what went wrong. His heart was finally revived, however, a few portion of his brain got affected and the patient was rendered quadriplegic i.e. he can’t move his limbs (hands and legs).

The hospital also clarified that the patient is not in coma. He is cognizant. He is blinking his eyes and is able to turn his head. The Hospital authorities have been taking care of the patient. Till date the total bill which includes operations, specialist fees, bed charges etc has amounted to Rs 40 lakhs. The relatives have deposited only Rs 6 lakhs.

The hospital authorities claimed that the patient has two sons who are settled in United Kingdom (UK) and are well off. One of his sons is doing his engineering in Nagpur. He also travels to and fro the hospital in a car. These are pointers which claim that the patient is definitely not poor and can pay the hospital fees.

Chief of the Oriental Human Rights Protection Forum Manish Chauhan while speaking exclusively to Nagpur Today alleged that the operation was performed on the patient. He added that the patient was walking in the ICCU and after 3 days, in the night after his parents left, he fell down from the bed causing the valve to get dislodged. This in-turn had probably caused internal bleeding and the patient had gone into coma. Manish Chauhan claimed that Dr Jaiprasanna had accepted that there was a nursing failure or negligence, which had caused the patient to fall down.

He also claimed that the Hospital had deleted the entire footage recorded in the CCTV for that night in ICCU. Manish Chauhan alleged that when he spoke to some senior surgeons, they had allegedly told him that they would never suggest a bypass surgery on a 68 year old man. They would have preferred or advised a stent. Manish Chauhan has demanded 3 things: 1. That the hospital forgoes all the charges because it was their negligence, 2. The patient be treated in ICCU only and 3. The hospital accept that they have made a mistake.

However, when Nagpur Today spoke to Centre Head of Wockhardt Hospital K Sujata, she said that when Manish Chauhan came and met her, he had never made any such allegations. She added that she has denied all their demands and have claimed that the patient will receive the treatment where the hospital feels he should. She added that they will demand the fees since it is hospital which has been taking care of the patient. She alleged that the son does not even stay back with his own father in the ward to attend to his needs in the night. She has asked Manish Chauhan to arrange for an attendant in the next 5 hours.