Published On : Fri, Nov 19th, 2021

Parwana Bhanav to be inaugurated on Nov 20 in Nagpur

Nagpur: Eastern Maharashtra Bank Employees Association, the Regional body of AIBEA in Vidharba Region had launched a Memorial Trust in the name of our All India leader Com H L Parwana. It was decided to build a memorial building in his name which will be used for trade union activities. This building – Parwana Bhavan is now ready and will be inaugurated on 20th Nov. 2021 at 5-00 PM by Com. Amarjeet kaur, General Secretary of All India Trade Union Congress. The Bhavan consists of Com A B Bardhan Auditorium, Com. Tarakeswar Chakraborti Hall and trade union training centre and will house the various trade union offices.

In this connection, the top leaders and office bearers of AIBEA are meeting in Nagpur on 20′ and 21 November, 2021. The meeting will discuss the important issues facing the banking sector
and take decisions.

Government’s anti-labour policies:

When the Govt. is talking of Ease of Doing Business, Make in India and many other schemes, it is unfortunate that the Government does not care to announce a Live In India programme for the workers. Workers are today suffering from loss of jobs, underpayment, closures and lockout, retrenchment, etc. Especially during lockout lacs of workers have lost their jobs and their livelihood is a big question mark. There is no scheme from the Government to rehabilitate them. Regular jobs are being made casual and contract job with lesser wage and no job security. In order to help the employers, labour laws are changed to the detriment of the workers. Govt. is nakedly anti-worker and pro-corporate.

AIBEA will organise countrywide programmes to oppose these policies and fight for the rights of the workers.

AIBEA supports the struggle by the farmers:
For the past more than one year, farmers are on
struggle in Delhi demanding the withdrawal of the 3 farm laws forcibly passed by the Government. Farmers are the backbone of our country and it is most unfortunate that the Government is not ready to talk to them and resolve their demands amicably. AIBEA fully supports the struggle of the farmers and demands of the Govt. to immediately find solution to their demands.

Do not privatise Banks: In 1969, major private Banks were nationalised in India. In the last 52 years, these nationalised Banks have immensely contributed for the economic development of our country. Thousands of branches have been opened, particularly in the rural areas to serve the common people. Loans are being given to agriculture, small and medium industries, education, major industries, rural development, infrastructure sector, etc. in a big way.

Savings of the masses have been mobilised by these Banks to provide safety for their savings.

Prior to nationalisation and even after 1969, many private banks have collapsed due to mismanagement and people have lost their savings. Nationalised Banks are protecting the savings of the people. Nationalised Banks alone are giving loans to priority sector.

Total Deposits of Banks today : Rs. 155 lac crores

Total loans given : Rs. 110 lac crores

These nationalised Banks have to be further strengthened to serve the people. But the
Government has announced that nationalised Banks will be privatised. If Banks are privatised, rural banking will be affected. Private Banks will not encourage rural banking. They will be interested in more profits only. Slowly only rich people will be encouraged to have accounts.

Hence AIBEA is opposing the decision to privatise the Banks. We are undertaking a national campaign to educate the people to support our demand. We are collecting signatures from the people to submit a mass petition to Prime Minister.

Strike in Banks: We have decided that if the Government will bring any law to privatise the
Banks, there would be intensified and prolonged strikes in Banks.

AIBEA demands recovery of bad loans from big companies: The only major problem in the
Banks today is the increasing bad loans because of the default by big corporate companies. We
have been demanding action against them to recover the loans. But Govt. is giving them more and more concession.

For the past 5 years, bad loan accounts are referred to Tribunals under Insolvency and
Bankruptcy Code BC. Instead of loan recovery, these loans are being sold to some other
companies for cheap rate and Banks have made huge losses.

IBC has become a method to loot public money because Banks incur huge hair cuts and sacrifice in these deals. Defaulters escape without any penal action on them. Another Corporate Company is taking over these loans at cheap rates.