Published On : Mon, Apr 12th, 2021

Participate in IMO and be a Maths Genius



Mathematics, to some, may seem like a daunting subject, the multitude of numbers, quite intimidating, while others may find it right up their alley. What needs to be understood is the fact that Mathematics happens to be one of the most scoring subjects in the curriculum. All it requires is a thorough understanding via dedicated practice. The more the variety of questions one is exposed to, the easier it becomes for them to solve and score well. The more they practice, the better the grasp on the subject.

The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) held by the Indian Talent organization happens to be one of the best. The test has been introduced for the benefits of students, providing Math enthusiasts across the nation an opportunity to test as well as showcase their skills.  The exam is open to students from class one to ten and conducted on two levels.

The syllabus for the exam is the same as the one provided by various boards for respective classes, as a result of which all students can appear for the exam. To further provide them with resources, sample papers, tailored workbooks and monthly as well as annual tests can be availed for an individual.

Mathematics is a subject quite related to various aspects, branching out in different fields and topics and hence a much-required skill to have. It also helps an individual sharpen their mind and polish their skills. Providing the students with an edge, which proves to be much useful in the regular academic results thereby helping it improve.

The exam can be availed at a minimum charge, the monthly tests are made available to help students maintain a regular practising habit and analyse their progress, helping them keep a track of their learning and guide their improvement.

In order to enrol, interested students can approach their subject teachers and seek their aid thereby enrolling via the medium of their school, or register individually.

To register now, click on the following link:

Talent and hard work should always be acknowledged and equally rewarded. Hence the rank holders, and achievers in the Olympiad exams are awarded various amazing prizes, ranging from exciting scholarships to cool gadgets like laptops and tablets, certificates are also awarded to all. An overview of the prize distribution can be noted as:

  • Eight of the 1st rank holders at the national level receive a cash prize of Rs 1 lac.
  • Ten students standing at 2nd positions are honoured with a cash prize of Rs 40,000.
  • Ten students standing subsequently at 3rd position receive laptops and a hundred subsequent students are given tablets for their prizes.
  • State-level rank holders from 1-10 are provided with merit certificates, gold medals and scholarships, students standing at ranks from 11 -25 are provided with excellence awards and medals.
  • District level toppers earn themselves special recognition certificates and medals, acknowledging their achievements.
  • While class toppers are provided with a medal – gold, silver or bronze, based upon their respective ranks. Besides the medal, recognition certificates and a report booklet are provided as well.
  • All participants receive certificates, with their respective name, rank, scores and other useful details on them.

The paper is set in the MCQ format keeping in mind the current trend of examination, to help the students get a feel of the competitive environment so that this practice helps them, preparing them to compete for various other examinations in the near future. The question papers are set by a group of experts, related to the subjects, the choice of questions are made to test the basic understanding and help the student improve their grasp on the subject.

Learning has no end, hence the exams are set in ways to keep the students will to learn kindled so that they willingly delve deeper into the subject forming a strong base for it. Mathematics, as a subject in itself, is such that it keeps people curious, engaged and one requires proper skills to focus, reason and deduct the plausible conclusion, hence taking one a step closer to being proficient in their understanding of a subject of their choice.

Over the years, more than 33,175 schools across India have registered for Olympiad, and millions of students have appeared for the test, of these more than seven thousand individuals have been awarded upon the basis of their merit, every year, and the Indian Talent Organization looks forward to keeping up with this tradition of excellence and awarding more of these hardworking, determined individuals, wishing them all the success.

The results of these exams can easily be viewed on the portal, on the designated date, as announced on the website. A list of rank holders is also maintained upon the website to help boost the achiever’s morale and encourage them to work hard. It also serves to inspire the upcoming batch of students who hope to find themselves in the same ranks.

The link to the list for the winners is available here:

Indian Talent Organization functions with an aim to serve the younger generations so that they can realize, develop and make full use of their potential to build a better future for themselves as well as the nation. Our wishes and regards to all participating candidates, looking forward to your enrollment.

The Olympiads are available for nine subjects and one can opt to appear for more than one, further information regarding it can be found here:

More information regarding the IMO can be found in the link below: