Published On : Thu, May 21st, 2015

Part 3: Modi Sarkar One Year in office “Achhe Din Aaye Kya” – Nagpur Speaks


In Quest to Modi Led BJP Government One Year in office “Achhe Din Aay Kya”, in last two days we saw mix reactions and many thinks that we should give more time to Mr. Modi to bring India back on track.

Below are more reactions from the Citizens of Nagpur:

Dr. Yash Banait

Dr. Yash Banait

Dr. Yash Banait: If phrasing in better words having a strong leadership where at least we are projected as a global power. Now the perspective of world is changing from a underdeveloped nation to a rapidly progressing nation.

He has instilled a sense of responsibility and sense of taking part for governance. Things like Swatch Bharat Abhiyan are not new. We do keep our immediate surroundings clean but projecting it like we are doing something for and towards nation inspires all.

It’s all about pushing our limits and motivating us which as a excellent orator he is good at

Anupump (Student,Writter)

Anupump (Student, Writer)

I’m happy that modi sarkar completes a tenure of one year. The reason for my support is that in modi sarkar there are at least fluctuations in the inflation. While in congress govt. there were continuous hikes in the prices.

This creates a confidence that modi govt. will do something beneficial for the nation in a complete tenure of 5 years.


Dj Winay

Dj Winay

Dj Winay seemed not happy with Govt. work so far and said..

Abhi tak waade pure nahi kiye jo waade kiye the, dawood Ibrahim ko pakad ke lekar aaye ge , kaala dhan wapis lekar aaye ge..


Nikita Laddha

Nikita Laddha

Nikita ladha ( Student )

Mr. Modi ji has done a good job till now. Petrol rates were down for little time. But now I must say that there are some negative points has been left to correct. Like girls security, Poverty. Some actions should be taken on these soon. So I can say that I am 50% happy with BJP’s work.

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