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    Published On : Mon, Oct 5th, 2015

    Parking woes galore in Dhantoli area

    Insensitivity of the citizens, rich and powerful too comes to fore

    Parking Problm in Dhantoli area (5)
    : Human beings are supposed to be the only intelligent being in the animal kingdom. Feelings, emotions are best observed only in human beings. However, sensitivity and understanding to other fellow human beings seems to have been benumbed or dead in some of these citizens who move in modern Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and four-wheelers. They must be handicapped or differently-abled that they cannot walk even for a little distance since they way they park their four-wheelers on the road in front of various business establishments just speaks loud about their disability.

    Those who have drivers to drive their vehicles ensure that the drivers sit in their vehicles right on the road blocking the smooth flow of traffic. One can see a lot of such weird behavior by our citizens on many busy streets with shops and business establishments in Nagpur city like Dharampeth, Sitabuldi, Dhantoli, Ramdaspeth Sadar, etc.

    In the first part of the series, Nagpur Today is highlighting how, many drivers or owners of four-wheelers, park their vehicles in a haphazard manner preventing the smooth flow of traffic.

    Parking Problm in Dhantoli area (4)
    If one enters the road from Panchasheel Square to Mehadia Square, one can be sure to take at least 30 to 45 minutes to cover the distance. Why? Well the reason is because of insensitive citizens parking their four-wheelers in a haphazard manner on the road, in the empty space opposite to Deshonnati Newspaper and near Singh’s Restaurant. They park their vehicles in such a way that they themselves will find it difficult to remove their vehicle from the spot. They also park their vehicles near the wall which houses the Star Bus Depot that was once called Patwardhan Ground. Sometimes even the Star Bus drivers find it difficult to enter into the depot. There is a significant bigger area in the place on the eastern side of the Yeshwant Stadium. This place used to be once occupied by the road-side vendors selling Bhel-puris, Chinese-food, and other fast food items. When the local civic authorities removed them they should have ensured that those on the periphery of that area too are removed and making a decent parking area for the four-wheelers. This area can be used for pay-and-park earning some revenue for the cash strapped Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

    The road-stretch between Panchasheel Square to Mehadia Square should be made one way and a strict no-parking road and a drop and go stretch which can ease the traffic congestion.

    Parking Problm in Dhantoli area (3)
    A similar sight can also be seen on the stretch from Maharashtra Bank Square to Loha Pul. With the road divider on one side and the haphazard parking of two-wheelers and four-wheelers near various business establishments, the road becomes very narrow. If one bus has to traverse the distance, the bus has to move in a snail’s pace and the other two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers will have to follow the bus or the truck, blaring their horns. Why can’t the city do something to prevent this congestion? Why can’t the authorities ensure that no four-wheeler is parked on this stretch and if at all any person needs to travel in a four-wheeler, it has to be only a drop and go road. This will prevent the congestion on the road.

    When the traffic department used to carry-out the lifting of illegally parked two-wheelers, such problems were lesser.
    Parking Problm in Dhantoli area (2)
    Parking Problm in Dhantoli area (1)

    — By Samuel Gunasekharan

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