Published On : Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Owners of twenty eateries at Futala Lake-side in dilemma after Sell Ads give 7 days to vacate area

Nagpur: Reacting to the drastic move of the Urban Development Ministry of State government while rejecting the appeal of private operator Sell Ads’ who sought an extension of period to operate the restaurants, the owners of nearly 20 Futala Lake-side eateries are in a dilemma since they will have to remove their shops by November 30, 2016.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, some shop-keepers including Nana Bhau said that they are planning to meet the Chairman and officials of Nagpur Improvement Trust and request them to consider their appeal.

  1. According to the shopkeepers, the viewers’ gallery could be erected above their shops.
  2. The viewers’ gallery could come up on the other side of the road near the lake, without disturbing their eateries.
  3. The audience of the light and music show would certainly love to enjoy food and snacks which are already available at their eateries.
  4. If directed, all the shopkeepers will adhere to the rules and regulations or terms and conditions of setting up shops or eateries of uniform size or dimensions.
  5. There are nearly 300-400 youngsters who have a gainful employment in these eateries. Cleaning out these eateries will cause these 300-400 youth to be become unemployed.
  6. The shopkeepers also claimed that the huge sum of money which they spent on erecting the premises would be reduced to ashes.
  7. This has been a happening place in the city and disturbing the venue will not be beneficial on the larger interest of NIT.
  8. Some of the shopkeepers also suggested that the land or a big canal sort of area can be filled-up and used to make parking space for the proposed gallery for light and music show.

It could be mentioned here that Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has plans to develop a musical fountain, light and multimedia show in the lake and a gallery with a seating capacity of 5,000 in the very place where the present lake-view eateries are situated. The State’s Urban Development Department (UDD) deferred the decision on the appeal for nearly 13 months and finally passed an order in favour of NIT. NIT and Sell Ads both received copy of the government order a couple of days ago. Sell Ads has been given time till November 30, 2016 to vacate the space.

Nagpur Improvement Trust had passed an order on September 14, 2015, giving extension of 18 months to Sell Ads. NIT had also asked Sell Ads to deposit a premium of Rs 45.35 lakh including Rs 8.82 lakh interest. The owners of Sell Ads had filed an appeal seeking extension of 28 month and four days against 18 months. NIT’s order is appropriate on extension and also premium plus interest amount stated the order of Urban Development Department. The order added NIT had planned to develop a 5,000 seat gallery with musical fountain, light and multimedia show in place of space allotted to Sell Ads.