Published On : Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Orphanage Kids celebrate Children’s Day at Mahdi Bagh

Nagpur: Some 50 orphaned kids had a gala time in the verdant gardens and play areas of Mahdi Bagh Colony, on Tuesday, where they celebrated Children’s Day as they never have before.

Mahdi Bagh Youth Club (MBYC), a philanthropic and personality development organisation, arranged for a fun day out for the kids of St. Martin’s Orphanage, aged eight to 15 years at Mahdi Bagh Colony, as part of the Centenary Year celebrations for His Holiness Moulana Hasan Noorani Saheb.

Celebrating the birth centenary year of their revered spiritual leader, who loved children a lot, MBYC organised this event under the guidance of Ayun Malak on children’s day to spread happiness and love among these orphaned kids.

Nargis Din, head of the team said: “We are really happy and excited to have these kids amongst us. The glow seen on their faces showed how delighted they were upon arrival.It was a great experience for all. A day filled with love and compassion for the children who were deprived of care and attention. True enough, this kind of commitment will leave a mark not just in the hearts and souls of these children, but ours too”.

MBYC has been active with St. Martin’s Orphanage for the past three years. This was the first time that the children were entertained in Mahdi Bagh Colony itself. They were warmly welcomed with refreshments followed by games and fun-filled activities which they thoroughly enjoyed. One of the kids said: “We had a great time here and would love to come back again”.

Farooq Haque, secretary MBYC, said: “Looking at the smiles on the faces of those children was very satisfying for us. This is what we wanted.We hope to see the legacy of our spiritual head continued through such activities.”
The activity was taken care of by Nargis Din, Afsana Badar, Lubna Ebrahim and team.