Orange City wears a colourful look for Holi revelry!

The clock has started ticking for revelry in riot of colours and rejuvenating splendor. The most cherished moment is at the doorsteps of citizens of Orange City. The ‘Festival of Colours’ is here and the Nagpurians are wasting no time to turn the city into a colourful one. The markets have got into the festive mood with stalls, thelas have been set up across the city selling an array of colours, pichkaris and a lot more. All is set for Holi with fervent calls of eco-friendly celebration.

The citizens in large numbers have been thronging every nook and corner for buying spree. Attractive colours, different pichkaris are in great demand and selling like hot cake as well. But consciousness is there to witness. The demand for organic or eco-friendly colours that are not harmful to health is the buzzword. The revellers are being seen buying the eco-friendly colours even though they were priced higher as they are much safer and not harmful to the skin.

Kids are in a sort of dilemma as they have a wide range of pichkaris to choose from. The Pichkaris that could turn the kids crazy are dotting the market. The water guns on themes like Spiderman, Doremon, Chhota Bheem, Batman and many more are all over the market. Pichkaris with names of politicians such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Cricketers MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, would be most sought after stuff.


The picture on ‘Dhulivandan’ would be to be seen to be believed. The Nagpurians will erupt in a riot of colours. People, especially youngsters, soaked in the festival spirit and smearing colourful gulal on their faces would be a common scenario. It is also the festival of love. Forgive and forget bitterness is an apt message the festival of colours gives.

The Holi festival has a unique aura. It is a multi-religious, multi-faceted and largely popular festival celebrated by people of different communities in their own style. Families, friends and even strangers gather with no whims and fancies. The only desire is the celebrate the occasion colourfully and culturally.

Holi Dahan
The festival starts on Sunday with Holika Dahan, a traditional ritual since ages. The real revelry will take place on Monday when youngsters would be seen zooming on their bikes, splashing the city with colours. Kids limit themselves to their Mohallas. Womenfolk too get soaked in colours but in the vicinity of their homes or nearby homes. But time has changed, certainly. Young girls too compete with boys and venture out in hordes to have the joyous moment of their life.

How can a celebration go without sweets? Puranpoli is synonymous Maharastrians. But the festival offers offers a gear variety of yummy dishes: Gujjia, Thandai, Laddu, Gulab Jamun, Pedha, Malpua and many more would be served to guests heartily.

However, the masti and mazza should not play with the sentiments of other fellow citizens and environment as well. The revellers must balance masti and mazza with tradition. The celebrations must be eco-friendly.

Ok folks, gear up for high-pitched, reverberating words: “Bura Mat Mano Holi Hai” but with care.