Published On : Mon, May 5th, 2014

Orange City to be penned in France’s flavor

Fabrice Node-Langlois, a journalist with French daily visits Nagpur Today

Nagpur News.

Even though we as the citizens of Nagpur may be busy in our routine chores conveniently ignoring a second look on most of the interesting places here, we should agree in unison that the city with its diversified attractions of interests have appealed to many in the country and abroad. On Monday, the city witnessed a man with a pen from France who landed Orange City in order to seek hands on experience with the mood and flavor of aapla Nagpur. Out to have insight into the very Centre of India, Fabrice Node-Lang, a senior journalist from Paris working in French daily Le Figaro visited Nagpur on Monday. During his extended visit, Fabrice also visited Nagpur Today office as we were the one who were in touch with him days before he arrived here.

Fabrice wanted to get some help in locating people and places of interest in Nagpur as wish to publish a series of stories next summer, about various cities in the world. Since Nagpur is known as “the centre” of India, they are proposing to do a story on Nagpur and its surrounding areas. The “Zero Mile” is said to be one of the pretexts to tell about various stories, history of this region, places of interest, tourist destinations etc which most of the readers of Le Figaro don’t know about.

Nagpur Today is coordinating with the French Journalist Fabrice Node-Langlois to get contacts, and guide him through various people and places of interest in the city.