Published On : Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

Ooolaalaa …Ranveer Singh’s ‘condom dance’ goes viral !!!


Ranveer Singh’s recent ad campaign for an international condom brand has gone viral, thanks to his peculiar moves that appeal people to have safe sex.  The video that has gone viral sees Singh in a musical show set-up, rapping lyrics telling India’s youth to practise safe sex. “Through this, Ranveer is promoting sexual well-being in a younger and happier manner, instead of taking a serious approach. Since, it propagates fun with being responsible, our brief was to create the look that complemented this approach,” says Nitasha Gaurav, the costumer designer who created the actor’s look for the ad.

Gaurav shares that they wanted Ranveer to stick to his high on energy, sexy and fun, off-screen image. Hence, the styling had to factor in these aspects. “We used the colour purple as it is considered to be sensual. We styled him in a long jacket with a white tuxedo shirt and instead of giving him high waisted pants; we gave him a cummerbandh on top, which added an edge. To keep things a bit fun, instead of a straight fly opening, we gave him a diagonal one with golden buttons,” shares Gaurav.

The ad, shot on March 31 and April 1 has a ’70s Disco vibe, and so, the clothes gelled well with the overall look, informs the designer. So, did Singh have any inputs for his look? “It’s great to work with Ranveer since he is always open to experimentation. He told us that he wanted a suit and then left it to us to use our creativity,” sums up Gaurav.