Published On : Sat, Oct 11th, 2014

Only Dr Nitin Raut can develop North Nagpur, say citizens

Litterateur Khandekar calls Dr Nitin Raut a champion with Universal vision


When a popular leader comes to the area, people who have been benefitted by his magnanimous donations, help in times of trouble and approachable for any need, throng the streets and roads to greet him, salute him, thank him and promise to be with him. This was seen when Dr Nitin Raut took out his poll rally in Kashi Nagar, Swami Nagar, Kamgar Nagar and Kapil Nagar in North Nagpur on October 11, 2014.

Dr Nitin Raut started his Padayatra from Kashi Nagar and Swami Nagar. He moved through the streets there. From there, he went to Kamgar Nagar. There he took a brief respite at the residence of former Manager of RBI and Litterateur Tarachand Khandekar, who has penned many books on Ambedkarite thoughts.


In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today, Tarachand Khandekar said that Dr Nitin Raut is one of those very rare persons who has a broad and futuristic vision. Tarachand called Dr Raut as the champion with a universal vision. He added that Dr Raut is a firm believer of true friendship, universal brotherhood, equality, liberty of all in all aspects and finally secularism.

He is responsible for the propagation of true Ambedkarite Buddhism throughout the world by establishment of contacts and cooperation and mutual help with foreign Buddhist brotherhood.

Dr Raut resumed his padayatra and later he traversed the remaining area on his open jeep. Everywhere he went, people showered rose petals and flowers on Dr Raut. Young and old, everybody came out of their houses to shake hands with him. Youth and some middle-aged showed their respects and love by touching his feet.


Nagpur Today spoke to many senior citizens and others who accompanied Dr Raut. When asked what is the quality, that you like about Dr Raut, 90% said that only Dr Nitin Raut can develop these areas and help in progress. They were vehement in their support for him. Many added that they have never seen other candidates who are contesting from these areas before this period, nor are they ever accessible.