Online Diwali & Children’s Day Celebration at The Achievers School

This year can be called as an “Online Celebrations Year”. Though the Covid pandemic and the resultant lockdown has prevented us from venturing outdoors, yet spirits remain high and upbeat. The same could be marked at the ‘Diwali cum Children’s Day Online Celebration’ organised by the Achievers School, Nagpur. Every class teacher with the respective online incharges, came up with innovative games and activities to make the celebration moments enjoyable for the students.

Online greetings, a plethora of activities and games like, reciting tongue twisters, answering riddles, guessing games, memory games, giving the wrong answer game etc. enthralled the children. It was a “Double Dhamaka” as Diwali this year falls on Children’s Day. It was double the sparks and double the sweetness but with fourfold joy and happiness with the much-anticipated holidays on the threshold. The online celebration was organised under the able guidance of Dr. Priyadarshini Deoghare, Director- Academics & Principal of the school. Mrs. Sapna Katiyar, Director also graced the occasion.

Mrs. Ruchi Kothewar, CCA incharge, Mr. Vishal Craig- dance mentor, Ms. Siddhi Suple & Mrs. Suvarnarekha Wadetwar, along with other mentors, strived to make the online celebration a grand success.