Published On : Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Wet and Muddy, or smart and chic? Clothing options for men in monsoon

Nagpur: The girls are all set with the information already and it’s time for the boys to take the lead.It is irritating to reach office all drenched and sitting in those wet clothes for most of the day. So, dress smartly for office this monsoon to feel comfortable and professional. Here are a few monsoon office wear tips.

The first and foremost concern is the right FABRIC. As we all know that drenching occasionally in the rain is quite inevitable during monsoons, and it is very much essential for us to choose the right fabrics. It’s always best to opt for fast drying fabrics like polyester blends and lightweight cottons. Try lightweight fabrics like gabardine for your pants. Also, avoid denims and silks as much as possible.

Next in line are the STYLES suited best for this season. We strongly recommend anything and everything that is hemmed above the ankle. The options may be listed as shorts, bermudas, cargos or simply folded up pants.

For formal wear, try slim fit pants with narrow bottoms and exact lengths to avoid slouchy bottoms, just in case you get drenched. For shirts try easy styles with checks, stripes and other trending patterns like tie-and-dye prints and chevrons. Full length garments tend to fall prey to the muck on the roads which may leave your favourite pants stained and blotted.

Now for the COLOR, monsoons should be livened up with bright illuminated shades of bright colors. If it’s cloudy outside it does not mean you should settle down for grays and blacks. Monsoons especially in Indian tradition are considered as the most colorful season. So go for the brightest hues of greens, reds, yellows, blues and oranges for the shirts. And use darker shades for the bottoms as they are prone to get dirty in the rains. Avoid wearing whites and pastel shades because it becomes very difficult to get the stains off and they usually end up becoming transparent, which is not very appealing even on men.

SHOES are another major concern during monsoons and its best to avoid leather and fabric based styles. They take ages to dry and leave you feeling damp and cold. Your feet are exposed to the maximum amount of dirt and mess, it is very vital to take care of them. But it surely does not mean that you cannot experiment with your styling. In fact PVC has changed the world of monsoon fashion with amazing colors and styles available with brands like CROCS. You can easily choose between sandals, floaters and various styles of slip ons. For formal wear if you cannot help but wear leather, opt for soles that are thicker and wider.

All you boys who like wearing hats and caps, well they are a major monsoon accessory. Try a nice fedora and protect your hair during this sticky humid weather.