Published On : Tue, May 29th, 2018

OCW’s Social Initiative “Samarth” for Women Empowerment in association with UPAY

OCW Director KMP Singh

OCW Director KMP Singh

Nagpur: In addition to its commitment of providing safe, clean and sufficient water to each and every household, OCW has taken another social initiative “Samarth, a skill development center for Women Empowerment” in association with NGO UPAY (Under Privileged’s Advancement by Youth).

This first Samarth Center was inaugurated on 25th May 2018 at Laxmi Nagar Slum at the hands of OCW CEO, Sanjoy Roy in presence of OCW Director HR & PR, KMP Singh.

The center will train the aspiring girls and ladies from the Laxmi Nagar Slum for stitching so that they can be self-sufficient and can help in earning for their families. This noble initiative was conceived by UPAY and was taken forward by OCW.

OCW and UPAY have been associated together since 2016 by way of the first Reach and Teach Center jointly established in the same Laxmi Nagar Slum. Almost 40 children from Laxmi Nagar Slum have been benefitted due to this initiative. The purpose of the Reach & Teach Center is to provide basic knowledge to the children so that they develop to take care of their academics on their own and do not drop out of schools prematurely.

UPAY has been doing immense and genuine work since 2010 in the field of underprivileged advancement especially focusing on education and self-dependence. OCW is implementing the project of Uninterrupted Water Supply for Nagpur on PPP model.

While disposing the primary responsibilities, OCW always believed in getting 4th P onboard i.e. the largest stakeholder – People and taking the PPP to 4P. To ensure citizen onboarding, OCW has been taking up various initiatives like Jal-samvad and ‘Model Slum Development’ to name a few.

Under the Model Slum initiative, health awareness sessions are organized to appraise the People about how to take best care of their health in general as well as on specific diseases like Cancer. The aforesaid Reach and Teach Center is also established under this Model Slum Development Initiative. “Samarth” is a new venture where UPAY and OCW both are putting their efforts to move one step ahead in their common goal of social up-liftment.

On Saturday, the first Samarth Center was inaugurated at the hands of OCW CEO Sanjoy Roy. Present at the occasion were OCW Director KMP Singh, OCW’s Sr. Manager External Communication and Social Service Ms. Farhat Quraishi. From UPAY, Archana Shrivastava, Reena Agrawal, Rohiet Pimpaley, Anushree Kakde, Bharti Saraykar, Neetu Mishra, Priyanka Uikey, Mohit Uikey, Amol Naitam were present, Richa Choudhary hosted the program. The program was attended by the Laxmi Nagar Slum Dwellers in huge number.