Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

OCW: Providing SUJAL (Pure Water) To Nagpurians…..



Nagpur: In last three-years (since Orange City Water took over water supply system of Nagpur from March 1, 2012). There has been marked improvement in the water quality of the entire city. The comparative analysis of Nagpur City Water Quality during last four years (One year before and three years after OCW took over)has been done.


  •  The analysis is based on the No. of samples tested at State Govt. Regional Public Health Laboratory (RPHL).
  •  The samples  sent to RPHL : 65% from city Network & 5% from WTP’s by OCW sampling team, 25% by NMC Health Dept. and remaining 5% are collected by RPHL itself and few independent samples are collected independently by social activists, NGO’s and other water concerned organisations.

The improvement in the water quality could be achieved due to tremendous hard work of OCW Zonal Network Engineers in identifying and rectifying or isolating the source of contamination. Replacement of dilapidated pipeline and repair of major leakages eliminated the contamination source.

It may be mentioned here most of the polluted water complaints the source is the illegal tapping from existing main pipelines. The process of identifying such points and isolating them is a continuous process. Since these illegal pipe connections are so rampant in the city of Nagpur it will take some more time to completely eliminate such sources of water contamination.

The regular and scheduled state of the art in house developed Tank cleaning machine has ensured maintaining quality standards at intermediate storage points.

The chlorine dosing from Water Treatment Plant is maintained at optimum level and further down the line the booster dosing of chlorine at MBR,GSR and ESR by Hypochlorite solution or Bleaching powder is also being maintained to ensure potable water supply to the service areas at all times.

The dedicated Water quality team has been continuously monitoring the water sample collection, analysis,report generation,polluted water complaints, resampling and complain closure. The Water Quality Executives have been imparting water surveillance training to Zonal officials at regular basis.

The Team OCW in its endeavour to provide cent percent potable water to the citizens of Nagpur has taken an innovative step a “Pollution check team” has been formed which will be have a mobile WQ team equipped with Turbidity meter, Chloroscope, pH-scale meter, Conductivity meter, H2S kit which attends the contamination issues on instant calls. This team will consist of first hand experienced fitters/valve men to expedite the process of contamination source identification and thereby rectification or isolation.