Published On : Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

OCW-NMC plugged another, 25-years Old major leakage at ‘Manas Square’

OCW successfully plugs leakage after 7-days of hectic efforts
Nagpur: This might be unbelievable for Nagpurians, but it is true. OCW-NMC have made this unbelievable into believable after 7-days of hectic efforts and technical expertise.

It may be mentioned here, literally, the drinking water (potable water) was going down in the drain since last 25 years and more, thru a major leakage on Wanjari Nagar main supply line at Manas square. The major leakage was successfully detected which was behind the statue at Manas square and was also successfully plugged jointly by Orange City Water and Nagpur Municipal Corporation recently.

Last year OCW had already carved a niche by plugging another major leakage at Manas square on November 27, 2013. This leakage had also become a ‘talk of the town’ and potable water from there too was going in drain since last 20 to 25 years. The then leakage was on the Omkar Nagar Main supply line.

The autowalas and people residing nearby Manas square and people operating small business from the square have themselves confirmed about both age-old leakages and water going waste from particular point since last 25 years.

In last two and half years of tenure in Nagpur city, Orange City Water (OCW) and NMC jointly have successfully plugged almost 70 major leakages across city and installed valves etc. stop the wastage of water. To name a few like the well-known leakage under Shahid Gowari Fly Over at Sitabuldi, leakage near Rajbhavan rear gate etc. leakages on Kanhan main pipe line near Automotive square etc.

It’s worth mentioning here to plug another major leakage at Manas square, OCW-NMC deployed team of technical experts under the guidance of Hon. Mayor Mr Pravin Datke, Hon. Municipal Commissioner Mr Shyam Wardhane and supervision OCW CEO Mr Sanjoy Roy, NESL Executive Director Mr Aziz-Ur-Rehman at Manas square since Nov. 17, 2014.
Manas 2
Since then OCW team dug up road at least at 10 points to check and detect the leakage. As ‘Manas square’ being a prominent square and is congested and having a heavy vehicular traffic in day time from 6 am in morning to almost 11 in night; OCW technical team worked in night hours for excavating and opening the pits which will took many days more to sort out entire problem.

It was on November 26 at 1 am in midnight the leakage was detected and which was plugged at about 4.15 am same night.

Soon OCW is planning to start work to plug another ‘well known’ leakage at Seminary Hills, near walker’s pathway, from where gallons of water leaked through pipe line coming from Master Balance Reservoir (MBR). The water collected near railway line of Vanbala looks like a small pond. The precious water goes into nullah near Lurd Mata Mandir.
OCW has thanked citizens for their co-operation and support during last many days, because due to leakage plugging work, water supply in many areas was also affected as well as traffic issues also erupted at busy Manas square.

The pit opened for plugging leakage has now been completely restored and traffic is running smoothly from Manas square.