Published On : Sun, Jun 15th, 2014

OCW marching ahead towards, ESR/MBR rehabilitation work

Leakages of 4 ESR’s plugged, Seminary Hills MBR rehabilitation in full swing, Killa MBR work to start

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IN a bid to save potable water going waste from old and leaking ESR’s (Elevated Service Reservoirs) the Orange City Water (OCW) which has been operating and maintaining water supply system of city, took initiative and on priority basis successfully not only plugged leakages on four major ESR’s of Nandanvan, Mini Mata Nagar , Laxmi Nagar (Old) and Wanjari Nagar ESR’s (overhead tank), but also started much awaited rehabilitation process of two major Master Balancing Reservoirs (MBR) like Seminary Hills and Sitabuldi Fort (MBR).

OCW, (as on June 16, 2014) has completed leakage plugging work of ESR’s like Nandanvan and Minimata Nagar and same work on other ESR’s like Laxmi Nagar (Old), Wanjari Nagar are on final stages.

In next phase OCW will be taking up another 14 ESR’s for leakage plugging work which are Bazonbagh, Dighori, Bharatwada (Deshpande Lay Out), Kalamana, Wanjari, Nara, Boriyapura, Chinchbhuvan, Dabha, Dhantoli, Gayatri Nagar, Killa Mahal, Mhalagi Nagar and Takli Sim.

At all these ESR’s, OCW will be using latest ‘Pressure Grouting’ technique for rehabilitating old overhead water tank. It is technique where series of holes were drilled through the concrete slab and wall of ESR, and a grout tube then inserted into each hole. Then a special chemical is pumped under pressure through each hole. The grout then displaced, compacted and solidified thus forming grout columns. Pressure grouting has now stabilised the existing concrete walls, slabs etc. these ESR’s.
It must be noted that Nandanvan, Mini Mata Nagar, Laxmi Nagar (Old) and Wanjari Nagar ESR’s have been rehabilitated by OCW expert’s team without disturbing the scheduled water supply and taking any shutdowns etc.

Further it may be mentioned here that along with leakages plugging work, OCW has also completed all 38 ESR cleaning work before Summer which are not cleaned since last many years using an in-house built Automated ESR Cleaning system soon. The next phase of ESR cleaning work will start soon. OCW has decided and made it a mandatory process to clean all ESR’s once in a year. Now ESR cleaning will be a yearly practice in city

Seminary Hills, Killa MBR rehabilitation in full swing
Alongwith, ESR’s leakage plugging work , the Orange City Water (OCW) has also started complete rehabilitation of two major MBR (Master Balancing Reservoir’s) of Seminary Hills and Sitabuldi Fort (Killa) in city. The Seminary Hills MBR’s constructed almost 30-35 years back have never been touched yet. OCW has not only started its rehabilitation but till date has completed almost 65 % rehabilitation work of first part of MBR and by August 1 will start another phase of rehabilitation. While from July 1, OCW will start construction of new MBR at Sitabuldi Fort (Killa). The 50-year old MBR at Killa will be demolished and new MBR will be constructed on the same site.