Published On : Wed, May 28th, 2014

OCW marching ahead on 24×7 projects, 386 km pipeline, 53,500 HSC’s replaced

Work started in Raj Nagar command area (Mecosabagh & Police Line Takli Prabhag), OCW embark on ‘HDD technology’


Nagpur News.

The Orange City Water (OCW) and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are jointly marching ahead towards rehabilitation work (changing of pipelines) along with restoration work as part of ambitious uninterrupted (24X7) water supply project which is going on now in almost 32 ESR command areas in city.

In 32 command areas, NMC-OCW have replaced over 386 Km new HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene pipeline) and also replaced almost approx. 53,500 house service connections (HSCs ) (Up to May 28, 2014).

Further, it may be mentioned here, in a bid to avoid road cuttings and digging of internal lanes especially in congested and densely populated localities, the OCW has now embarked upon a new method Horizontal Direction Drilling Machine (HDD), called as an advanced, “Trenchless Technology” in many command areas.. Till now almost 131 km pipeline has been laid by HDD
technology across many command areas in city.

Trenchless technology is an innovative technique for laying underground pipeline with minimum excavation from the ground surface. In this, the whole road is not required to be dug but only two points are excavated after every 100 meter and pipe is laid through them. OCW has started utilising such technology to minimise traffic disruptions and chances of disturbing existing
utilities. The new method also reduces the danger for community.

It may be mentioned here, as OCW has started utilizing such technology, it has minimized traffic disruptions and chances of disturbing existing utilities. Along with actual rehabilitation work of the uninterrupted (24×7) water supply project, NMC-OCW is also replacing very old network, rusted pipelines under ‘Emergency Works.’ Under emergency works OCW replaced almost 25 km pipeline and here also restoration work is going on war footing.

Meanwhile, recently OCW added newly designed ‘Raj Nagar command area in its rehabilitation project. The work at Raj Nagar command areas was inaugurated at the hands of Hon. Corporators Mr Raju Thool (Mecosabagh prabhag) , Dr Prashant Chopda, Mrs Chopda (Police Line Takli rabhag), Mrs Ravinder Kour (Dimpi) Bawa, Mr Babbi Bawa (Mecosabagh prabhag) in presence of prominent citizens of Mecosabagh and Police Line Takli prabhag.

In Rajnagar command area OCW has planned to replace almost 30, 115 meter (30 km) pipeline. From which OCW has already replaced 17 km pipeline.

Further, at all of these command areas NMC-OCW have also set up ‘Water House’ for the consumers of particular command area to address to their complaints about works related issues like digging of roads, its restoration etc.

Consumers can register their complaints at Water Houses or citizens can also register any water related complaints at NMC-OCW’s ‘24×7 Call Centre’ on Toll Free Helpline- No 1800-266-9899.