Published On : Fri, Mar 22nd, 2024

OCW Celebrates World Water Day with Students, Emphasizing ‘Water for Peace’


Nagpur – On World Water Day (22 March 2024), Orange City Water (OCW) reaffirms its commitment to promoting the profound impact of water in fostering harmony and peace. Under the theme ‘Water for Peace,’ OCW underscored the pivotal role of water in driving sustainable development and global prosperity.

Understanding that water is not just a vital resource but also a catalyst for unity and progress, OCW highlighted the interconnectedness between water, peace, and sustainable development. The organization advocated for responsible management and equitable distribution of water resources as part of its commemoration of World Water Day.


In celebration of this important day, OCW had the privilege of engaging with the inspiring students of Hadas High School & kanishtha mahavidyalay, Prashant High School, and Quadariya High School. The students displayed remarkable enthusiasm and involvement, participating in large numbers.

Furthermore, OCW also celebrated this day with water friends in all the 10 zones of Nagpur. Participants from the zones and schools showed excitement in making a solemn oath to conserve water, ensuring that no wastage occurs henceforth. Together, they explored the transformative potential of water and empowered the future custodians of precious water resources.

By engaging with communities across these zones, OCW reiterated its commitment to promoting water conservation and ensuring equitable access to this essential resource. This fosters a culture of environmental stewardship and collaboration among citizens.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, OCW remains steadfast in its mission to ensure access to clean and reliable water for all. As World Water Day is celebrated, let us collectively harness the power of water to build a more peaceful and sustainable world.