Published On : Fri, May 16th, 2014

NVCC welcome Modi says is a vote to determination over intelligence

Nagpur News : Dipen Agrawal, President, Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce stated that the voters of the country have chosen and voted for determination visa vis intelligence. Our present Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is very intelligent but lacks determination to deliver whereas on the other hand  Narendra Modi, Prime Minstrel candidate of NDA was full of determination & questions where raised on his intelligence as in he lacks knowledge of history, economics, finance, English language etc. but he was the only political leader displaying determination to deliver. Hence as per me the overwhelming majority received by BJP & NDA is a vote to determination over intelligence.

Office Berers & Past Presidents of NVCC Waching results of General Election-2014 (1)

Office Berers & Past Presidents of NVCC Waching results of General Election-2014 (1)

NVCC was always of the opinion that who so ever party comes to power & forms government should get absolute majority on their own so that they can deliver on development, framing of policies & laws in the best interest of the country. And now since BJP/NDA has absolute majority we expect them to tackle the challenges of Tax reforms, implementation of GST, Financial restructuring, economic development, corruption, inflation etc. at the earliest and set the derailed economy back on track.

He further said, Maharashtra in spite of being stronghold of Congress/NCP they were routed out in the elections because they displayed insensitivity towards the citizens of the State in issues such as LBT, Salary of teachers etc. The rigid and adamant stand of the State Government on above issues went against them & we expect the State Government to take decision and withdraw LBT & make of the lost grounds before Assembly elections of the State.

Lastly we expect BJP, NDA to implement the promises made in their Manifesto asap. States in a press note issued by  Hemant Gandhi, Hon. Secretary of Chamber.