Published On : Fri, Aug 14th, 2020

NVCC Skeptical Of NMC Decision Of Compulsory Covid Testing For All Businessman

Nagpur: The Nagpur Vidarbha Chambers of Commerce ( NVCC ) has showed concern on the decision taken by nmc commissioner tukaramji mundhe of compulsory covid testing for all businessman and their staff without which the can not do their business activity. Being a member of your organisation and a businessman, reads the statement issued by Mohanlal Kisanlal and Vijay Agrawal, the president, NVCC,civil line Nagpur

On one side, nmc or government are lack of hospital beds, doctors, ventilators, medicines etc and other side they want to test all the people who have zero symptoms of covid-19 disease. Even if we conduct test at the given centres, how much should we trust the reports generated because as per the history and data, there have been instances where 1 patient has got 2 different results in 2 different labs on same day. Apart from this all businessman will have to visit the nmc centre to get the test done which will increase the chances of us meeting with more people publicaly eventually making us more prone in getting infected by covid.

Other organisations nccl has opposed nmc’s decision. Therefore we request you to please re think on the above decision and also sign a petition from all the members of the organisation in order to support.